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  • Battle of Midway, June 4-7, 1942: An Online Exhibit(111 clicks)
  • Battleship Bismarck(108 clicks)
    Dedicated to the legendary German battleship Bismarck.
  • Battleship Tirpitz(105 clicks)
    A tribute to the sailors on this German battleship.
  • Battleship USS Washington BB56(113 clicks)
  • Canonesa, Convoy HX72 & U-100(102 clicks)
    Describes U-boat attack on a merchant convoy during the Battle of the Atlantic.
  • First Report to the Secretary of the Navy(93 clicks)
    Covering our Peacetime Navy and our Wartime Navy and including combat operations up to 1 March 1944. by Admiral Ernest J. King, Commander in Chief, United States Fleet, and Chief of Naval Operations (Issued 23 April 1944)
  • Mulvaney on Bomb Disposal(120 clicks)
    Here are the 38 pages, actual size, of a little booklet titled Mulvaney on Bomb Disposal, Supplement to Intelligence Bulletin No. 85, dated 15 September 1945. [NAVORD FORM 1697 (BDS) (g/45)]
  • Proudly We Served(96 clicks)
    During World War II only one US Navy warship with an all African American crew saw combat.
  • Stoker's Story - Scapa, Crete, Stalag and Home(100 clicks)
    AND SO ... An Autobiography by HAROLD J. SIDDALL
  • The Battle of Leyte Gulf(103 clicks)
    Learn about the strategic considerations both sides had to assess as they prepared to fight this historic conflict, where it happened, when it happened, and the resulting aftermath.
  • The German Navy in World War II(98 clicks)
    good site.
  • U-584 - 6th War Patrol (109 clicks)
  • U-Boat Bases(171 clicks)
    "All you want to know about the U-boat bases of the second world war in France, including some photos, maps, descriptions and history for each base."
  • U-Boat Warfare, 1939-1945(244 clicks)
    Massive site.
  • U.S.S. Guadalcanal Task Group 22.3 Associatio(115 clicks)
    The problem addressed is the extent to which the United States Navy used Ultra, or Special Intelligence, in the campaign against the German U-boats. Information was gathered through published and unpublished sources.
  • US Merchant Marine in WWII(150 clicks)
    An often neglected subject.
  • USS Indianapolis(98 clicks)
    Ship history
  • W.A.V.E.S. of WWII(102 clicks)
    color photos