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  • Bordaberry Condemned For 1973 Coup(123 clicks)
    Washington, DC, March 30, 2010 - For the first time in Latin America, a judge has sent a former head of state to prison for the crime of an "Attack against the Constitution." In an unprecedented ruling last month in Montevideo, former Uruguayan President Juan Marķa Bordaberry was sentenced to serve 30 years for undermining Uruguay's constitution through an auto-coup in June 1973, and for his responsibility in nine disappearances and two political assassinations committed by the security forces while he was president between 1972 and 1976.
  • El Gaucho(152 clicks)
    The Uruguayan "cowboy."
  • Historia Ilustrada del Uruguay(115 clicks)
    In Spanish
  • History of Uruguay(120 clicks)
    Library of Congress country study
  • RAU: Uruguay Academic Server(126 clicks)
    Includes history
  • Venezuela(117 clicks)
    From LANIC at the University of Texas
  • WWW-VL HISTORY: URUGUAY(120 clicks)
    Extensive library of links