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  • Caminho das Missões(297 clicks)
    The Jesuit Missions in Paraguay. In Portuguese. Photos.
  • Geopolitics of Paraguay: Pivotal Position within a Model of Geopolitics(148 clicks)
    The article is divided into two sections, the first constructing a preliminary geopolitics model, the second enlisting that model to describe the geopolitics of Paraguay. The geopolitics model contains a definition, relevant concepts and theories, then middle-level linkages among concepts and theories. Examples from Paraguayan geopolitical traditions fill out the model, and further description and analysis follows in the final part with a focus upon the foreign policy and security strategies of Paraguay. Specific foreign policy approaches with in the geopolitical format are suggested in the conclusion.
  • The Gran Chaco War: Fighting for Mirages in the Foothills of the Andes(145 clicks)
    The Chaco War, 1932-35, between Bolivia and Paraguay. Site has excellent images of planes used in the war.
  • The Resonance of History(163 clicks)
    Memoir by Jim McCulloch
  • WWW-VL HISTORY: PARAGUAY(144 clicks)
    Extensive library of links