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  • Architecture(102 clicks)
  • Bush Announcing Noriega's Surrender(122 clicks)
    Official text
  • Colonial Panama(98 clicks)
    PowerPoint presentation by Robert Kackson.
  • Colonial Panama City(89 clicks)
  • Controlling the Canal(90 clicks)
    Does handing over the Panama Canal pose national security dangers to the United States? William Ratliff of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and John J. Tierney of The Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C., respond to your questions.
  • Dino's Panama Photos(104 clicks)
    Over 1,900 photos of Panama and the formerCanal Zone.
  • History of Count Ferdinand de Leseps and the Panama Canal(98 clicks)
    Short biography.
  • How the Panama Canal Works(120 clicks)
    Great Java animation
  • Invasion of Panama: Operation Just Cause(113 clicks) provides a brief reprise of this invasion.
  • Lamoin Werlein-Jan, Panama since the invasion(83 clicks)
    Argues that the US invaded Panama in December, 1989 to install a pliable Panamanian government.
  • Let the Dirt Fly(118 clicks)
    Panama Canal building
  • My Name is Panama(86 clicks)
    Articles about the history and culture of Panamá
  • Notes on the US and the Panama Canal(101 clicks)
    Useful notes.
  • Operation Just Cause(108 clicks)
    "The files contained in this directory represent raw data compiled during the course of the operation by MAJ Robert K. Wright, Jr., the XVIII Airborne Corps Historian who deployed as the Joint Task Force SOUTH Historian, and Ms. Dolores De Mena, the Command Historian for United States Army, South. Additional information continued to be collected in the months after the conclusion of the operation by those individuals, Mr. William Stacy (Command Historian, United States Army Forces Command), and the 44th, 130th, and 320th Military History Detachments. "
  • Operation Just Cause, December, 1989(140 clicks)
    Photographs with captions of the war with Panama.
  • Panama Canal(107 clicks)
  • Panama Legal and Government Facts(113 clicks)
    From the Law Library of Congress
  • Panama's Policy Toward the U.S.: Living With Big Brother(126 clicks)
    Panama's relations with the US through the US invasion of 1989.
  • Panama: Operation Just Cause, by XVIII Airborne Corps(89 clicks)
    In December 1989, U.S. Army forces supported by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy, participated in Operation Just Cause - the invasion of Panama.
  • Patronato Panamá Viejo(118 clicks)
    "El Patronato Panamá Viejo es una organización sin fines de lucro, dedicada a la preservación, estudio y difusión del conjunto histórico monumental, localizado en la moderna ciudad de Panamá, República de Panamá. Desde 1995 se llevan a cabo investigaciones arqueológicas a gran escala en el sitio, proyecto interdisciplinario que involucra a distintas ramas científicas y culturales."
  • Photographs of Casco Viejo(83 clicks)
    By Robert H. Jackson.
  • Photographs of Porto Belo(97 clicks)
    By Robert H. Jackson
  • Porto Belo, Panama Fortifications(112 clicks)
  • Review of The Memoirs of Manuel Noriega: America's Prisoner(111 clicks)
    By David Becker
  • The Canal: Acquisition by the US(86 clicks)
    Short essay.
  • The Great Adventure of Panama(119 clicks)
  • The Great Adventure of Panama(87 clicks)
    by Philippe Bunau-Varilla. Wherein Are Exposed Its Relation to the Great War and also the Luminous Traces of The German Conspiracies Against France and the United States By Philippe Bunau-Varilla. Former Chief Engineer of the French Panama Canal Company (1886-1886). First Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary of the Republic of Panama to Washington (1903-1904). Doubleday, Page & Company, Garden City-- New York-- London, 1920
  • The Panama Canal(114 clicks)
    Official site
  • The Panama Canal: A Brief History(102 clicks)
    by Tyler Jones.
  • The Trans-Isthmian Canal and Its History(98 clicks)
  • William Ormsbee's In Retrospect(103 clicks)
    "The In Retrospect Web site is intended to initially document, as an overview, the history of the U.S. military presence in Panama before it is rewritten (which I suspect is being attempted) or forgotton, now that the last few of some 10,000 military personnel have left Panama and the Panama Canal is under new ownership as of noon on the last day of the 20th Century."
  • WWW-VL HISTORY: PANAMA(112 clicks)
    Extensive library of links.