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  • Balboa Punishing Indians Guilty of Sodomy(148 clicks)
    Engraving by Theodor de Bry. 16th century.
  • Books of the Brave(174 clicks)
    Being an Account of Books and of Men in the Spanish Conquest and Settlement of the Sixteenth-Century New World. Scholarly book by Irving A. Leonard
  • Columbian Exchange(181 clicks)
    "The "Columbian Exchange"—a phrase coined by historian Alfred Crosby—describes the interchange of plants, animals, and diseases between the Old World and the Americas following Columbus's arrival in the Caribbean in 1492."
  • Conquest of Mexico(126 clicks)
    Excellent essay on the conquest!
  • Conquistadors(155 clicks)
  • Francisco Pizarro(140 clicks)
  • Hispanic Exploration & Conquest of North America (1492-1541)(129 clicks)
    Educational site
  • Indians Killing Spaniards, Among them several Clerics(118 clicks)
    Engraving by Theodor de Bry, 1590.
  • Indians Pouring Molten Gold in a Spaniard's Mouth(129 clicks)
    Engraving by Theodor de Bry, 1590.
  • Instructions to Conquistadors(136 clicks)
    by Franco de los Cobos. 1517.
    What happened to the head of the conqueror of Peru?
  • Prescott, The Conquest of Peru(131 clicks)
    History of the Conquest of Peru by William Hickling Prescott Project Gutenberg Release #1209 (February 1998). full text. This book, while fun, should not be totally believed.
  • Spain In America(153 clicks)
  • Spanish Exploration and Conquest of Native America(123 clicks)
    Spaniards explored America in the 1540's on trails that became our highways. Conquest Records describe Indian villages, attacked then diseased, along those trails. Pioneers settled those village clearings; our cities are built on them.
  • The Conquest Of Peru(142 clicks)
  • The Conquest of the Inca Empire: Francisco Pizarro(120 clicks)
    From The European Voyages of Exploration project at the University of Calgary.
  • The Conquest of the Inca Empire: Francisco Pizarro(124 clicks)
    Short article from the tutorial "The European Voyages of Exploration"
  • The First Voyage of Columbus(126 clicks)
    Includes maps.