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  • A Brief Cultural History(126 clicks)
    Afro-Cuban and music
  • A Concise Biography of Che Guevara(169 clicks)
    (Part I, 1928 - 1955). Brief. Good photographs.
  • Batista(165 clicks)
    by Jerry Sierra. Includes a bibliography
  • Batista y Zaldívar, Fulgencio(115 clicks)
    Aimee Estill's short biography of the dictator.
  • Bay of Pigs Reports(123 clicks)
    "This two volume 400 plus page document consists of (Volume I) the CIA Inspector General's (IG) report on the CIA's ill fated April 1961 attempt to implement national policy by overthrowing the Fidel Castro regime in Cuba by means of a covert paramilitary operation, otherwise known as the Bay of Pigs, and (Volume II), a commentary on the IG report written by the Directorate of Plans (DP), now known as the Directorate of Operations (DO). These two volumes are a rare side-by-side compilation of high-level government self-evaluation of its own performance in an historic and controversial event."
  • Birth of Aviation in Cuba(133 clicks)
  • Carlos Finlay(138 clicks)
    Discovered that the mosquito was the vector in yellow fever and malaria. In the words of General Leonard Wood, a physician and U.S. military governor of Cuba in 1900: "The confirmation of Dr. Finlay's doctrine is the greatest step forward made in medical science since Jenner's discovery of the vaccination (of smallpox)." This discovery helped William C. Gorgas reduce the incidence and prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases in Panama during the American campaign from 1903 onwards to construct the Panama Canal. Prior to this, about 10% of the workforce died each year from malaria and yellow fever.
  • Constitucion de la Republica de Cuba, 1902(145 clicks)
    Spanish text
  • Creelman in Cuba(149 clicks)
    Human Rights Journalism and the "Yellow" Seeds of War by Frederic A. Moritz
  • Cuba and her people of to-day(134 clicks)
    Cover of: Cuba and her people of to-day by Charles Harcourt Ainslie Forbes-Lindsay Cuba and her people of to-day Charles Harcourt Ainslie Forbe ... Cuba and her people of to-day Close Cuba and her people of to-day by Charles Harcourt Ainslie Forbes-Lindsay Manage Covers Book Covers Close * Add * Manage Cuba and her people of to-day an account of the history and progress of the Island previous to its independence; a description of its physical features; a study of its people; and, in particular, an examination of its present political conditions, its industries, natural resources, and prospects; together with information and suggestions designed to aid the prospective investor or settler. Published 1911 by Page in Boston .
  • Cuba Documentation Project(125 clicks)
    National Security Archive
  • Cuba's Postal History(142 clicks)
  • Cuban Heritage Collection(118 clicks)
    University of Miami
  • Documents Linked to Cuban Exile Luis Posada(127 clicks)
    Bomber's Confessions Point to Explosives Hidden in Toothpaste Tube that Brought Down Civilian Airliner in 1976
  • Fidel Castro Speech Index(172 clicks)
    Searchable index to Fidel's speeches.
  • Fidel Castro: Rise to Power(132 clicks)
    Concise biography done by Shannon Maxwell Eldridge.
  • Fulgencio Batista(123 clicks)
    Dictator and President of Cuba. Important from 1933 until he was overthrown by Fidel Castro in December, 1958.
  • Granma Archives Index(152 clicks)
    "Welcome to the Granma Archives Index, a searchable Spanish-language list of articles published from 1965 to 1992 in the official daily newspaper of Cuba. This database provides bibliographic references for the articles, including headlines, length, and authors. Full-text articles are not accessible here."
  • Havana, 1955(136 clicks)
    Home movie
  • Havana, Cuba 1902(131 clicks)
    Excellent set of photographs
  • History of Cuba(129 clicks)
    Over 500 Years of Cuban History. Our mission is to provide a clear and detailed journey through the themes, concepts, people and ideas that make up Cuban history.
  • José Julián Martí y Pérez(125 clicks)
    Bio from the Library of Congress
  • Jose Marti(124 clicks)
    The Cuban poet and revolutionary who died trying to liberate his homeland in 1895.
  • Larry Clayton, Cuba: The Ice Cream Line and the Search For Justice(110 clicks)
    A look at Cuba in August, 2001 by a Latin American historian.
  • Larry Clayton, The Genius of Fidel Castro and the Failure of the U. S. Embargo(116 clicks)
    Larry Clayton, a Latin American historian at the University of Alabama, relects on Cuban-US relations, prompted by his recent visit to Cuba.
  • Leo Brouwer (b. 1939)(148 clicks)
    Leo Brouwer is an Afro-Cuban composer, a classical Guitarist and the Conductor of Orquesta Cordoba in Spain. He has composed over 100 film scores and has made over 100 recordings.
  • Little Island, Big Shadow, "Time Sensitive"(138 clicks)
  • Machado: A Historical Reinterpretation(132 clicks)
    The paper is a revisionist history of Gerardo Machado and the role he played as president of Cuba from 1925 to 1933. It describes why Machado has heretofore played the role of "villain" in Cuban histories, and re-evaluates his contribution to the nation of Cuba from 1925 to 1933.
  • Maximo Gomez y Baez(128 clicks)
  • Panorama of Cuba(124 clicks)
    PINAR DEL RÍO: Pinar del Río: HAVANA: Panorama of Havana in 1898; Cigar Makers, 1902 ; Colon Park in 1902, Havana, Cuba; Havana ; Havana 1902; El Prado in Havana, 1902; Street Cleaners, 1902; Tenement Housing, 1902; Transportation, 1902; MATANZAS PROVINCE: Cárdenas; Matanzas; LAS VILLAS PROVINCE: Cienfuegos: Santa Clara: Trinidad: CAMAGÜEY PROVINCE: Nuevitas; Puerto Príncipe ORIENTE PROVINCE: Baracoa; Panorama of Santiago de Cuba, 1898; Santiago de Cuba
  • Pichs Collection(120 clicks)
    Cuban History Through Postage Stamps
  • The Cuban Communist Party's Anti-Castro Activities(161 clicks)
  • The Cuban Experience(121 clicks)
    Site includes 1959 Revolutionaries, Americans, Cold War Figures, Cuban Presidents, Early Revolutionaries, Spaniards.
  • The Cuban Nation, 1898-1959(108 clicks)
    Wesley Wolfe's fine essay. Wolfe is an agricultural economist at Mississippi State University.
  • Tomás Estrada Palma(120 clicks)
    Tomás Estrada Palma Collection, 1902-1999. University of Miami. Has a slide show and other images.
  • U.S. Sugar Tariff and the Cuban Revolution of 1933, The(120 clicks)
  • WWW-VL HISTORY: CUBA(114 clicks)
    Extensive library of links.