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  • Articles on Costa Rica(120 clicks)
  • Costa Rica's Meta-Database of Bibliographic References(110 clicks)
    Searchable bibliographic database. In Spanish
  • Costa Rica: The Revolution of 1948, A Cause and Effect Analysis(116 clicks)
    Essay by Louie Matrisciano. bibilography.
  • Elecciones '98(91 clicks)
    The 1998 elections and results--in Spanish.
  • History of Costa Rica(116 clicks)
    From Good history of Costa Rica.
  • La Nación(95 clicks)
    A leading newspaper
  • The Nicaragua Revolution (1970's-1980's) ...(110 clicks)
    The adverse effects on Costa Rica.
  • The Torch of Freedom(128 clicks)
    "Costa Rica's less-than-belligerent history has provided little consequence for the making of true war heroes. However, one humble mulatto drummer boy is saluted every April 11th by all Costa Ricans for his bravery in repelling a marauding U.S. citizen from Central American soil."
  • Vargas Adopted 'Strong Man' Role(113 clicks)
    New York Times article, 1954
  • WWW-VL History: Costa Rica(115 clicks)
    Extensive library of links