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  • American Variety Stage(130 clicks)
  • Frazier, Adrian. Behind the Scenes: Yeats, Horniman, and the Struggle for the Abbey Theatre(144 clicks)
    Scholarly book.
  • Historic Theatre Directory(131 clicks)
    This directory lists over 600 online historic theaters, cinemas, opera houses and preservation organizations in the United States and Canada.
  • Historic Theatre Society(132 clicks)
    Documenting and Celebrating the Rich Legacy of America's Historic Theatres
  • House of Deception(127 clicks)
    The House of Deception is dedicated to the history of the deceptive arts, including magic, carnival sideshows, and pro wrestling.
  • House of Deception(128 clicks)
    The House of Deception is dedicated to the history of the deceptive arts, including magic, carnival sideshows, and pro wrestling.
  • League of Historic American Theatres(142 clicks)
    "Founded in 1976, the League of Historic American Theatres (LHAT) is an international, not-for-profit membership association that promotes the rescue, rehabilitation and sustainable operation of historic theatres throughout North America."
  • Macauley's Theatre Collection(138 clicks)
    Macauley's Theatre opened on October 13, 1873 at 329 W. Walnut (now Muhammad Ali) Street in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. It was owned and operated by Bernard (Barney) Macauley, who, along with his wife, Rachel Johnson Macauley, also performed in the theater's resident stock company. His younger brother, "Colonel" John T. Macauley (1846-1915), managed the box offices of theaters in Cincinnati and Indianapolis before settling in Louisville with his wife, Annie Amelia Kirlin Macauley, and their two daughters, Rachel and Mary Margaret. John took over management of the theater in September 1879, and bought it from his brother when Bernard fell into financial difficulties. In keeping with nationwide trends in theatrical productions, the resident stock company was replaced by traveling artists, who promoted their performances by sending portraits to the theaters they would visit, to be included in advertisements and press releases. Often they would autograph or inscribe their portraits to John Macauley or other theater employees, who would hang them on the walls of the theater's lobby.
  • Pear Garden in the West(147 clicks)
    America's Chinese Theatre, 1852-2003
  • Shubert Archive(133 clicks)
  • The history of Australian Theatre On Line(141 clicks)
    Welcome to HAT, the History of Australian Theatre On Line. Here you will find articles on Australian Theatre History and an historical database of names associated with the theatre in Australia.
  • Theatre History Cybercourse(133 clicks)
    "Presents an online course in theater history. Read the lecture notes, and participate in the discussion group."
  • Theatre History Sites on the WWW(143 clicks)
    The basic WWW site.