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Title || 1: Introduction


The Beaches Museum & History Park maintains valuable archives and guides to material. The writings of Jack Pate, Writer/Researcher for the Beaches Area Historical Society in the 1993 – 2004 period, are especially valuable.

Taryn Rodríquez-Boette, archivist, possesses a vast knowledge of beaches area history and a willingness to share. She also directed me to her colleague Charles Tingley of the St. Augustine Historical Society.

Thanks to the able staff, Jason Enoex, Kathleen Krizek, and Raymond W. Neal, of the Jacksonville Public Library.

Cleve Powell dedicates himself to preserving the history of Arlington and provided valuable images and commentary.

Janet McDonnel, an attorney, helped me decipher court decisions.

Seth Bramson, the official historian of the Florida East Coast Railway, allowed me to copy three old photographs from Speedway to Sunshine.

Thanks to Connie Lester, Editor of the Florida Historical Quarterly.

Nath Doughtie helped by loaning me a base of operations when I was researching for this work.

Hasan B. Paksoy, a noted historian, was kind enough to comment on the manuscript.

David Weir and Karen Hawkins helped with images.

Paula, my wife, showed great patience and love as I wrestled with this project.

Don Mabry
November 2012