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Preface to the 2005 Edition

Foreword || 1: MAYPORT

    Ed Smith, who owned Ed Smith's Lumber Company in Neptune Beach, Florida, did us a favor when he took time in 1973 to write a book of nostalgic essays; he managed to preserve part of the history of the Beach communities and the village of Mayport. And he did it in a very pleasant style. As a privately printed book in 1974, it did not achieve wide circulation nor was it meant to do so. It clearly assumes a great deal of prior knowledge on the part of the reader. Those of who who grew up on that barrier island east of Jacksonville, Florida or who live in the vicinity now recognize many of the places about which he writes. Some remember the people. Even though who don't know the geography well should find it fun to read. I have included an outline map of Duval Country, Florida as an aid as well as a 1949 topographical map of the area.

    Thanks to Smith's family, it is possible to bring the book back to life and make it available to a wide readership throughout the world by publishing it on the World Wide Web.

    This 2005 edition has been enhanced by hyperlinks to photos of some of the people and places he mentions, a map, and corrections to the original text. In addition, I have written a short introductory chapter.


Don Mabry