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9: October-December, 1944

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Oct. 1st - We are still receiving a small amount of enemy artillery and considerable mortar fire. Our artillery has pounded targets in and around Aachen all day. Col. Seitz and Lt Col Pace visited the CP this afternoon. The weather was cloudy and rainy. Cas: 1 abs sk.

Oct. 2nd - Last night Jerry gave us a little entertainment over a loud speaker set up near the line. They played a couple of pieces of American music and told us we should not shell the people of Aachen. Our applause was in the form of an artillery barrage laid on Aachen for about an hour. Jerry mortars are still shelling our area. The weather is still rainy and cloudy. Cas: 2 WIA 1 malaria, 2 abs sk.

Oct 3rd - Routine patrols and artillery are still the only activity in our sector. It rained all day today and observation has been very limited. Cas: 1 WIA, 6 abs sk.

Oct 4th - Co L sent out a recon patrol to investigate some houses at 845415, this morning. The patrol was pinned down by machine gun and rifle fire and forced to disperse and return singly. 4 of the men are still missing. A patrol from L Co went out in the evening but was unable to locate the missing men. A combat patrol from Co K went out to 837418 and met resistance from mortars and machine guns. they reported the location and asked for artillery. Col Seitz visited the CP this morning. The weather is still rainy. Cas: 1 abs sk, 1 malaria.

Oct 5th - There has been a few of our planes strafing and bombing near Aachen today, also Jerry planes over our position several times. A combat patrol left Co K this morning proceeded to a point at 833408 from where they were able to observe an anti-tank gun and several machine guns at 834412. A recon patrol from L Co left at 1800 hrs, they went as far as 855415 where they encountered a Jerry guard mount. They killed one sentry and returned without losing any men. The weather is clear and it is not quite so muddy. Cas: 4 MIA, 3 abs sk, 3 mal.

Oct 6th - Our planes were active over Aachen again today. Routine recon patrols from all companies went out and drew enemy fire. Mortar and artillery continued to shell our area. The weather was sunny and warm. Cas: NONE.

Oct. 7th - Artillery barrages are still heavy over Aachen. All of our companies sent out recon patrols which returned before 2100 hrs. They all met with enemy fire before going a couple of 100 yds in front of their position. Our artillery laid a heavy concentration from 2100 to 2400 hrs. in preparation for an early morning attack. The weather is clear and warm. Cas: were 2 WIA, 1 abs sk.

Oct 8th - Co L moved forward approximately 300 yds after a heavy shelling by our artillery during the night and early morning. One platoon met heavy resistance at 843413 where they took over Jerries outpost which was their mission. This platoon took 24 prisoners. The attack was a diversion attack to cover a larger push made by the 18th Inf. After setting up the company CP in one of the houses at 856414 voices were heard upstairs saying Yah Yah, and Nix, Nix. A burst of AP from one of our tanks shot thru the top of the house brought down 2 Jerries. A total prisoners for the day were 33. These were from the 352nd Regt. of 211th Div. and the 365th Convalescent Bn. I Co sent a patrol to 840411 that met with heavy machine gun fire. One man was wounded. Co K sent men to 836405 and set up a listening post but the results were negligible. The bn. received 1 sgt and 29 privates as replacements. The weather is still clear but somewhat cooler. Cas: 2 mal., 2 abs sk, 1 neurotic, 9 WIA, 1 KIA.

Oct 9th - Artillery is still falling in our area and a few Jerry planes are over our position today. Co L is stabilizing its new position. 4 men of Co L were killed today due to a misfire of a Jerrie mortar they were firing. The weather is still clear and sunny. Cas: 4 KIA, 2 mal. 1 abs sk.

Oct l0th - The bn. less Co L moved forward today to start the attack on Aachen. We moved out at 1245 hrs in the following order: Co I, K, M, and Hq Co. We reached our assembly point in Ellendorf at 1630 hrs and went into the attack. The companies reached their objective at 1830 hrs after encountering considerable mortar and small arms fire. Approximately 40 prisoners were taken. Regt. Anti-tank platoon, the atch'd engrs and our anti tank platoon spent the night carrying water and rations to our companies because our vehicles could not cross the swampy ground enroute. The weather was cloudy and rainy. Cas: 10 WIA.

Oct llth - This morning we received heavy mortar and some artillery firs. Our dive bombers and artillery have shelled until a heavy haze practically covers the town. Routine patrols probe the territory in front of their positions at dusk. Prisoners were still being brought in a total of 105 today. It cleared in the early part of the day but was cloudy and light showers during the night. Cas: 12 WIA, 1 Concussion.

Oct 12th - We moved out at 1000 hrs. Co K led the attack to the factory district followed by the Command Group, Co's I M and Hq Co. Resistance was quite stiff especially from mortars and machine guns. The CP did not move forward until 1500 hrs when the line companies had reached their objective. Total prisoners taken were 125. We setup our CP at 858445.(Map of Aachen 1/25,000) in a factory building. Today has been another warm sunny day but it is cloudy and unsettled tonight. Casualties were 11 WIA, 1 KIA, 2 abs sk, and 9 MIA. L Co joined the bn. at 2200 hrs.

Oct 13th - The bn. moved out in the attack at 1000 hrs with Co I on the right, Co K on the left and Co L in support. Both companies met stiff resistance from snipers and machine gun fire. Co K encountered one 75mm anti-tank gun. At 1500 hrs Co L was committed on the south of Julicha street, they met heavy small arms fire. We were unable to accomplish our mission which was to take observatory hill. We put out security for the night with orders to continue the attack at 0630 hrs in the morning. Fighting is from house to house and casualties for the enemy were very heavy. The CP for the night was located in a house at 854442, The weather is clear and cool. Cas: 4 KIA, 15 abs sk. 14 WIA, 1 malaria, and 1 neurosis.

Oct 14th - At 0630 hrs this morning the bn. resumed their attack toward observatory hill. Sgt. Dobel of Co K who was acting platoon leader showed conspicuous gallantry by leading his company through the attack area. In this section Sgt, Dobel was wounded in the arm and his runner was killed. Two of the tanks atch'd to Co K were knocked out by Jerry bazooka guns. The crew of the third tank, which was following these 2 was forced to leave their tank however. Sgt. Wise and Pvt. Brown of Co K succeeded in reaching the tank and manning the machine gun. They then drove the tank back to a better position though neither had ever driven a tank before. Lt Baldwin was wounded today and evacuated by the Jerries to one of their hosp. This hosp. was captured by 2nd Bn. and it was discovered that the wound had caused the Lt's death. Co L captured one Jerry company intact. It consisted of 27 EM 3 NCO's and one officer. Our CP is now set up at 847437 and observatory hill is taken except for a small section on the left flank. The weather is still clear and cool. Today and yesterday we have taken a total of 265 prisoners. Cas: 4 abs sk, 1 malaria, 25 WIA, 6 KIA.

Oct 15th - At 1030 hrs this morning Co L received a push from the enemy on their left flank. Our outpost was pushed back by enemy tank and infantry however they were not able to break the lines. At 1530 hrs we received a general attack on all fronts by an estimated Inf. bn. and 6 tanks. By 1630 hrs we had the attack stopped and had inflicted a great many casualties and knocked out one enemy tank. Lt. Vanderstop was wounded in this action. Sgt. Tomasco, acting platoon leader, of Co L and Sgt. Wise were particularly outstanding in this show displaying brilliant qualities of leadership. PFC Short of Co K single handedly held off a strong push against his company. Prisoners for the day were 5. The weather was rainy, and cloudy. Cas: 26 WIA,

2 KIA, 6 abs sk, and 4 neurotic.

Oct 16th - The bn has been under heavy mortar fire today. Several probing attacks were made on tower hill by the enemy, however, they were not very strong and the enemy did not manage to break our line. Captain Chaplin of L Co was killed by a mortar burst and Lt. Shepard assumed command of the company. Most of the day has been spent reorganizing our companies, and consolidating our positions. The weather was still somewhat rainy and generally cloudy. Total prisoners for the day were 6. Cas: 6 KIA, 39 WIA, 15 Combat Fatigue, 9 abs sk.

Oct 17th - The enemy has not been very active today, however, he has kept close contact at our outpost. At 1600 hrs the observation tower we were using was knocked down by a shell from a self-propelled gun. Heavy mortar fire fell in our area all day. At 1000 hrs Gen Rose and Lt Col Hogan of the 3rd Armored Div. visited the CP. Also Col. Seitz. At 1500 hrs Gen Huebner and Col Seitz visited the Bn. Prisoners for the day were 11. The weather was still rainy toward evening. Cas: 2 KIA, 10 WIA, 6 abs sk, 7 Combat Fatigue, and 2 self-inflicted wounds.

Oct 18th - At 0630 hrs Co K and I began attacking with Co L in reserve. The attack was supported by a self-propelled 155 mm gun. This was used to fire direct fire down Rolan St. on Kurhaus and Palace Hotel. The attack moved rapidly until 1050 hrs. and by then both companies had reached their objectives. The Palace proved to be a large food store house and the Hq's of 243rd Inf. Div. Two SS Lt's were captured in this push. Total prisoners captured 135. The weather is still rainy and cool. Cas: 2 KIA, 19 WIA, 1 NP, 1 abs sk.

Oct 19th - Co L led the attack this morning pushing forward at 0630 hrs to take Salvatore hill. At 0800 hrs Co I pushed down Ludwig Alley. The attack was supported by a 155 mm rifle and moved rapidly until 1100 hrs. By 1500 hrs the 2 companies had taken their objective. The enemy threw considerable mortar and tank fire. At 1500 hrs the CP displaced forward to 840441. From 2200 to 2300 hrs the enemy threw an artillery barrage into town from outside our encirclement. Gen. Rose of the 3rd Armored visited the CP at 0800 hrs today. Total prisoners: 52. Cas: 17 WIA, 2 KIA, 7 abs sk, 2 malaria.

Oct 20th - At 0730 hrs this morning Co's K and L began the attack. The attack moved slowly due to heavy mortar fire and also direct fire from enemy tank which was firing down Ludwig Alley. At 1200 hrs Co I was committed to speed the taking of our objective for the day. The TD unit succeeded in driving off the enemy tank. Gen Huebner visited our CP today. Total prisoners: 53. The weather was still cool with occasional showers. Cas: 5 malaria, 2 abs sk, 2 KIA, 32 WIA, 1 SIW.

Oct 21st - Co's I, K, and L began the attack at 0730 hrs. At 1100 hrs Co. I reported a group of 300 Jerries coming down the road. It had been reported to Capt. Botts by two American Engineers, who had been captured by the Germans, that the German Commander, Col. Wilcks, wanted to surrender. The group of Jerries surrendered and Capt. Botts proceeded to the bunker in which the Jerries had his headquarters for all German forces in Aachen and returned to our CP with Col. Wilcks and his staff. Col Corley demanded an unconditional surrender and at 1000 hrs the formal surrender was signed. Col Wilcks brought all of his troops that were to contact with him and Lt Reynolds with the German Staff Off. went out and brought in 175 soldiers with whom Col Wilcks had no communications. Before leaving our CP, Col Wilcks was permitted to address his troops. This was completed and the final phase of the battle for Aachen. At 1600 hrs the battalion moved to the outer edge of Aachen and set up the CP at 855405. Hot chow was served for the 1st time in 10 days. Throughout the Aachen drive Capt. Botts has shown his ability as a courageous leader in quickly taking the objectives that were assigned to him and his company. Total prisoners: 1391. The weather was clear and cool. Cas: 2 malaria, 3 abs sk, 11 WIA, 3 KIA.


The following is a list men captured by the enemy and recaptured by the 3rd Bn. on 21 Oct.1944, Aachen.

Co I 119th 30th Div

Phillips, H. W. T/Sgt 20361457

Henderson, R. P. Sgt. 352496657

Bray, W. V. Pvt. 37635144

Howard, B. L. " 36763154

James, L. T. " 36958908

Wood, D. R. " 35249335

Schroeder, W. " 42091378

Macielak, W. A. " 35098291


Lovell, J.W. Pvt. 38692057

Kaminske, J. F. " 31456826

Kelly, H. L. " 33848372

Osburg, M. O. " 36834028

Peterson, A. E. " 35919332

Shipley, Marvin L. 1st Lt. 01291021

238th B. Co. Eng.

Haswell, Boswell J. B. Sgt. 6289448

Padgett, E. M. S/Sgt 34538197

Hq. Co. 3rd Bn. 119th Inf.

??lucki, C. J. PFC 32747158

Lang, W. J. " 33301994

Mucciante, M. M. " 35515575

I Co 26th Inf. 1st Division

Gilbert, S. Sgt. 12080908

Panik, P. R. PFC 20514327

Kintol, M. K. " 34851948

Schreiber, G. F. " 35593485

Trzaska, J. S. Pvt 32093567

Krieber, L. " 12060538

K Co 2nd Bn., 26th Inf.

Drendlaw, R. Pvt 37588487

Hoyt, C. Q. " 36903222

Anti-Tank Co. 26th Inf.

Krimmil, W. C. PFC 12123628


Dear German Soldiers:

I am speaking to you at a painful moment. I was forced to surrender because we ran out of ammunition, food and water. I saw that the further fight was worthless. I was acting against my orders, I was supposed to fight to the last man. At this time I have to remind you, that you are German soldiers, and please, behave as such. I also wish you the best of health, and a fast return to your Fatherland after the ceasing of hostilities and to help rebuild Germany. I was refused by the American authorities to give a "Seig Heil" and "Heil Hitler", but we can still do it in our minds.

Oct. 22nd - The day has been spent in cleaning the German Barracks we moved into yesterday. It is quite near us but we are still able to hear the large gun of units fighting outside of Aachen. The weather was nice today - clear and sunny. Cas: were 3 abs sk, 2 malaria.

Oct 23rd - Today we setup a portable shower and the men are cleaning up generally. We have the opportunity to see a movie in our area today. At 1700 hrs we had rifle inspection. Lt. Condon of 7th Corps visited our CP today. Cas: 1 abs sk, 1 Off. and 7 EM were permitted to visit Paris for 3 days.

Oct 24th - At 1230 hrs today our bn. moved a short distance to another group of German barracks (coordinates 871412 map of Aachen). Several men from each company were allowed passes to division rest area and a few from each company given passes to Paris. The afternoon was spent cleaning the barracks and making them livable. The weather was warm and sunny. Casualties were 3 abs sk and 2 malaria.

Oct 25th - The men have spent the day doing routine camp duties. At 1630 hrs we had rifle inspection. The weather was clear and sunny. Cas: 4 abs sk and 2 malaria.

Oct 26th - Most of the day has been devoted to routine camp duties. We were given the opportunity to see a movie in camp today. More men were allowed 36 hour passes to the division rest camp. The weather was still nice except for light rain in the evening. Cas: 6 abs sk.

Oct 27th - We are still following routine camp procedure. The weather is clear and cool. Cas: 6 abs sk.

Oct 28th - The men are still enjoying passes to the rest camp and a few to Liege. We had a rifle inspection this morning and a few camp details to carry on our regular routine. Cas: 4 abs sk.

Oct 29th - At approximately noon time today our bn. began relieving 2nd Bn. of 26th Inf., who were on line in the vicinity of Verlautenheide, (855454 map of Aachen). The 81 and 60 mm mortar pltns. effected their relief at 0900 hrs. The rifle companies and heavy machine guns of Co M infiltrated to their new positions beginning at 1700 hrs. The relief was effected without serious incident of casualties to either bn. We set up our CP at 845453. The weather is still cool but rather hazy. Cas: 2 abs sk and 1 off. abs sk.

Oct. 30th - We have now taken over 2nd Bn. positions and are receiving considerable mortar and artillery shells in our area. Co I sent a patrol to 893452 at 1730 hrs to investigate the woods and main road. They did not encounter any enemy activity so returned through B***(K?) Co. The weather is cool and hazy. Cas: 1 abs sk.

Oct 31st - Co I sent another patrol to 893452 again at 1600 hrs this morning. They went through I Co outpost and SE along the main road. No information was gained so at 1715 hrs this patrol was made again by Co I. This patrol reported 5 Germans at 893452 and heard the voices of several others. They returned without drawing fire. Mortar and artillery continue to shell our position. Some direct fire from enemy tanks fell near the CP. Cas: 3 abs sk.

Nov 1 - At 0600 hrs this morning the 3rd pltn. of Co I attacked a group it houses at 891452. After taking 3 of these houses they were stopped by heavy mortar and machine fire. They consolidated their position and remained for the balance of the day. At 1600 hrs the pltn. re-attacked the same group of houses but were halted by machine gun fire coming from slits out in the cellars of houses. Our AP pltn. went into position with their flame thrower which failed to function causing the whole attack to be stalemated. During the night the enemy and the men of I Co continued to exchange bazooka fire and hand and rifle grenades at a distance of approximately 30 yds from basements of houses. From 2200 to 2400 hrs the bn, received heavy fire from 150 mm long range artillery. Cas: 1 KIA, 8 WIA, 2 abs sk.

Nov 2 - The attack continued this morning with Co I trying to advance at 0400 hrs. On the right of the road of the 3rd pltn. gained one house but were driven out of one on the left side of the road. The enemy then drove our men out of the house they had gained with small arms fire, grenades and bazooka fire. Our enveloping force moving to the right was stopped by heavy machine gun and rifle fire. We then received orders to hold our present position rather than try to enlarge it. The quinx area was outposted with 2 squads of men. Very light mortar fire was received during the fight. Cas: 9 abs sk, 1 WIA.

Nov 3rd - Co I began firing their mortars at dawn this morning. All day our bn. area received fire from 120mm mortars and 150 mm artillery. At 1630 hrs the TD's with Co. L fired 30 rds. at pill boxes in front of their positions. This firing was followed by an artillery and mortar barrage from the enemy during which Lt Eagan of Co L was killed by mortar fire. The loss of Lt Eagan who made Oran invasion with us, felt very keenly throughout the bn. The night was quiet except for a few Jerry planes overhead. Cas: 1 KIA, 5 WIA, 3 malaria and 5 abs sk.

Nov 4 - An enemy patrol tried to cross in front of Co L's pltn this morning but was driven back by our small arms fire. It has been a quiet day except for very little artillery and mortar fire. Cas: 3 abs sk.

Nov 5th - Patrols went out from each company today in front of their positions to get a prisoner. Those from Co's K and L contacted the enemy in a small arms skirmish and the patrol Co has one man missing. A small amount of mortar and artillery fire fell over our position today. Cas: 11 abs sk, 2 WIA.

Nov 6th - Today has been a relatively quiet day in position. Some direct fire from 88's and a small amount of fire from 150 mm fell in the bn. area. At 2200 hrs we were notified of a possible move tomorrow. Cas: 11 abs sk, 2 WIA.

Nov 7th - At 0800 hrs the AP pltn. left the rear CP for our new position area. At 1410 hrs the first units of the bn were relieved by the 3rd bn. 18th Inf. and by 2400 hrs the bn. had completed its move to the barracks that we formerly occupied south of Aachen, a distance of 5 miles. We bedded down for the night expecting to move out again in the early morning. Cas: were none.

Nov 8th - At 0845 hrs our billeting detail moved out followed by our line companies at 0930 hrs. The order of march was Co's L, I, K, M, and Hq's. We detrucked at the town of Gurefall and marched to our new area (98003835 map of Stolberg). the move was completed by 1230 hrs. The distance traveled was approximately 8 miles. Cas: 6 abs sk.

Nov 9th - Today we spent in the usual camp routine. The men have dug foxholes and covered them, camouflaged our vehicles, and constructed a CP and aid Station. The weather has been damp and cold for the last few days and we now have a thin covering of snow over the ground. Cas: 10 abs sk, 3 off. abs sk and 1 WIA.

Nov 10th - Men of the Bn attended mass and Protestant services during the morning. The weather is still rainy and our area is very muddy. Usual camp routine has been followed during the balance of the day. Cas: 5 abs sk, 1 WIA.

Nov 11th - We have been doing usual camp duties today. In the afternoon we set up showers and the men cleaned up. The weather is still cold and rainy. Col. Seitz visited the CP in the afternoon. Cas: 3 malaria and 3 abs sk.

Nov 12th - The Bn. has followed camp schedule today. The weather is still cold and rainy and it is very muddy underfoot. Bn. received 53 replacements today. Cas: 1 SIW, 1 malaria, and 10 abs sk.

Nov 13th - The men spent the day building walks of logs also shelter. Usual camp duties for the bn. Bn received 3 more replacements. A light snow fell today and it is still cloudy. Cas: 1 abs sk, 1 mal.

Nov 14th - We are still doing routine details around the camp. At 1530 hrs we had a foot inspection. The weather is still cloudy and rainy. Cas: 9 abs sk.

Nov 15th - This has been another day of routine camp details. Col. Seitz and Gen Taylor visited the CP in the middle of the of the afternoon. At 1500 hrs we had a rifle inspection. The weather has cleared somewhat but it is still very muddy. Cas: 5 abs sk and 1 malaria.

Nov 16th - At 1115 hrs today American and British Bombers along with fighter bombers and escort planes bombed enemy territory north and NE of our positions. This mission was supposed to be carried out by a group of 2000 planes. It is the beginning of the Allied drive to Cologne and the Rhine. H hr was set at 1245 hrs and at that time our 2nd bn. pushed forward toward their objective #1 which is brushland in the vicinity of Schonthal, Ger. We are moving in a column of bn. and our bn is in regimental reserve. We are now on a 45 minute alert to be prepared to assist in 2nd bn. if necessary or pass through them to objective #3. Our mission as a division in this attack is to the east is to seize the crossing of the Ruhr river north of Duren. Our 16th Inf. is on our right with the 18th in reserve. We spent the afternoon preparing to move. The weather is clear and it is beginning to dry a little. Cas: 6 abs sk and 1 malaria.

Nov 17th - The bn. moved forward at 1045 hrs and arrived on checkpoint 1(031422) at 1200 hrs, distance covered 4000 yds. Rear command group arrived at 994395 at 100 hrs. All units were dug in and camouflaged by 1600 hrs. Later hot chow was served. Weather clear and cool. Cas: 1 WIA, 3 abs sk, and 1 SIW.

Nov 18th - The bn. is alerted for the attack at 1045 hrs. The order of march, thru LD, is K Co left flank, L Co on right flank, and I Co covering road, Command Group and M Co. Resistance encountered thru checkpoints, 32(026433) was light from small arms, but mortar and artillery fire was heavy. The roads were well covered by enemy making it almost impossible to keep telephone with forward CP. At one time 32 breaks were repaired in the line by one wire crew. All messages were transmitted by radio. The rear CP moved up to checkpoint 1(013422) at 1230 hrs, upon arrival it was severely shelled by enemy artillery, casualties incurred. Lt Hoh had to move his Medical Aid Station to Schevenhutte (007416) because it was convenient locality. 3 M29 vehicles were assigned to this bn. for transportation on the present muddy roads. Cas: 1 malaria, 1 WIA, abs sk 3, SIW 1.

Nov 19th - The attack was continued at 1300 hrs thru LD (026433) Laufenberg Castle at 1630 hrs. The swamp buggies had a 2 fold mission, on trips to forward CP they transported ammunition water, and C rations; on the return journey they evacuated wounded to rear medical stations. This operation was carried on under heavy enemy artillery and large caliber mortar fire, zeroed in on the road. Cas: 26 WIA, 10 abs sk, 10 NP. Altogether there were 82 evacuations. Weather continued rain and cold. Lt Yelverton, K, Lt Ratchford, K, Lt Key, M, Lt Chancey, I, Lt Cook, L, Lt Phillips, M; the forenamed officers were casualties.

Nov 20th - The bn. moved forward continuing the attack at 1400 hrs from (028439). Artillery and mortar fire was heavy as the troops made their drive. At 1700 hrs they accomplished the objective on checkpoint 61 (031445) a distance of 800 yds. Enemy artillery fell in and around both forward and rear CP's. Cas: 20 WIA, 12 abs sk, 8 NP. Weather continued rain. Lt Buck wounded but not evacuated.

Nov 21st - All companies made slight gains to improve their position by dispersing pltns, security the main object in shifting about. Cas: KIA 1, WIA 14, abs sk 12, NP 8. Weather: rainy.

Nov 22nd - All companies improved their positions. The CP was built up in a creek bed and logs were fell across the bed. This provided ample protection from shells bursting close to CP. K Co sent a patrol out to contact the enemy. The patrol received small arms fire. There were 77 replacements and 4 officers assigned to the Bn today. The following is the break down to each company: Hq 1, I 20, K 23, L 20, and M 13; Officers Lt Meyers, K, Lt Elsen I, Lt Mosias K, Lt Leslie I. All replacements kept in field train until needed. Present position heavily shelled. Cas: WIA 52, KIA 3, Lt Meyer WIA Lt Goodrich and Lt Chafin KIA as of the 21st of Nov. Rear CP move to Schevenhutte (607416) on the main route for the bn. Forward CP heavily shelled the next morning at 0415 hrs. Capt. Botts assumed command of K Co.

Nov 23rd - At 0945 hrs the bn. made another attack from (031445) and at 1030 hrs reached point 400 yds North of checkpoint 59(028453). They were still in the attack and by 1600 hrs another message transmitted to rear CP stated, "On objective" which was ridge thru BM 264 overlooking the Cologne Plain. There were 35 replacements assigned to the following companies, I 35, K, 15, Cas: WIA 24, abs sk 5, NP 8.

A word in passing that today was Thanksgiving Day a great national holiday at home. Turkeys were supplied to kitchens but were not served. Later when situation permits we shall have a good feast.

Nov 24th - The bn. is in a defensive position and fortifications are being strengthened. An artillery OP which overlooks the enemies position from an excellent vantage point spotted enemy artillery batteries. Upon completion of fire mission, the results were 4 batteries put out of action. Observation of enemy positions is excellent. The weather permitted the Air Force to dive bomb and strafe enemy positions in our sector. In order to improve telephone communications a 12 drop switchboard was transported this morning to forward CP. The supply sergeants issued each man a pair of new socks and the dirty socks were returned to be washed by the QM Laundry. This afternoon Sgts Mosely and Nestor returned from Danger Base after taking final physical examination for battlefield promotions to the rank of 2nd Lt. Col Seitz visited the bn. Commander to discuss future operations. The blue 2 jeep returned after being repaired by ordnance. A new motor was installed which makes the 2nd ton vehicle within a week sent to ordnance for a new motor. Interdictory artillery fell upon the bn. The telephone line to forward CP was in contact for the most part today. Blue 1 has been at the regt CP also at the field train allocation replacements, the data which follows: I 20, E 24,.Hq 8, M 1, also 8 officers were assigned; Capt. Fielder F. Fair K, 1st Lt. Eugene M. Alder L, 1st Lt Edward R Costello K, 2nd Lt William R Johnson I, 2nd Lt Jack W. Lewis K, and Lt Gray transferred from I to K. Cas: WIA 8, abs sk 12, KIA 2. Lt Mortimer I and Lt. Costello K. Weather cool and clear today, 5 prisoners were captured.

Nov 26th - The bn. remains in defensive position, and strengthening of fortifications has been continued because of the increase in enemy mortar and artillery fire. There has been an increase of small arms fire from the left flank of the fire break and a pltn. of 1st Recon. has been employed to cope with the situation. Decoy White and 1st Bn. of the 26th have tied in with our left and right flanks respectively, making them more secure. An M 29 swamp buggy, and medical ton vehicle were ambushed near the entrance of the firebreak. Reports are not clear as to the results of the ambush. In the afternoon the P-47's dive bombed and strafed enemy positions on the plains in front of the bn. sector. Replacements were assigned to the following Co's I 16, K 15, L 15, Lt Ruby from abs sk to duty K Co. The forward aid station was hit by artillery and 2 casualties reported. Cas: 14 WIA, 1 NP, 12 abs sk, 1 SIW, Pvt Robert F Hargett, prisoner taken: 1 off, and 3 EM.

Nov 27th - Bn continued its present position (defensive) for the earlier part of the day. Section of enemy mortars laying a harassing barrage in and around CP was located by observer of Cannon Company. After completing fire mission enemy mortar fire ceased. A small amount of enemy artillery fell in and around our CP today. At 1500 hrs. the bn. out for an attack on Junglesdorf, the LD 037456. Order of move L Co encountered small arms and followed by enemy artillery fire. As L closed in on objective at 051468 at 1730 covering a distance of 1500 yds. Forward elements of L & I Co consolidated on objective resisted counterattack 0400 hrs. Lt Zollwag WIA, Capt Botts assumed command of I Co. Capt Fair although wounded carried on. Cas: 11 abs sk, 2 NP, 25 WIA, and 1 SIW - Pvt Lawrence P. Reese. Weather clear and cold.

Nov 28th - The bn. set another strong defensive position last night, and at 0930 hrs K Co in position on the ridge overlooking Junglesdorf repulsed an attack. They drove up as Love Co the OP and in line the combat that followed 2 TD's knockout. Later in the morning the regt'l anti-tank pltn. attch'd to our bn. knockout a Mark IV tank at 1200 yds. By noon the small arms and close-in fighting quieted, however the enemy shelled heavily the town of Junglesdorf. At approximately 2000 hrs, K Co. reported the enemy tossing hand grenades at position. At the same time the enemy movement was reported on the main road about 400 yards in front of our positions, and left flank. A fire mission was brought to bear on the front while mortars covered the flanks. Cas: 12 WIA, 2 abs sk, 1 SIW S/Sgt Denmark. Replacements as follows K-1, and 2 casuals to Hq Co. Weather cold and clear.

Nov 29th - The bn in its present defensive position strengthened and improved its front and flanks. The morning a 12 man outpost from L Co returned after being cut off for 24 hrs. Enemy mortar and artillery fire continue to fall on our positions today. The enemy was observed

moving NE away f rom Duren. The bn. fired their mortars and called for artillery support as the weather gave clear visibility and numerous targets were spotted. The turkeys could no longer be stored so the kitchen prepared sandwiches and made hot coffee for the evening meal. There were replacements for K Co from 1st bn. and 2 casuals assigned. One off. assigned to I Capt. Claude R. Croft. Cas: 6 WIA, 10 abs sk. Prisoners: 4, 1 wounded. Weather clear & cool

Nov 30th - The enemy probed the right flank position of K company at 1000 hrs. Mortar fire was brought down upon them and repulsed their attack. At mid-day an OP observed enemy foot troops marching in and vehicles bringing in fresh troops to support and hold present position. All of this enemy activity was taken under artillery fire while mortars engaged closer in targets. At 1630 hrs another enemy patrol engaged or contact with the right flank of K Co. The 4.2 mortars and artillery under took fire mission making this patrol withdraw from the flank.

A patrol from K Co went out to investigate enemy activity by locating fresh partially dug fox holes. Enemy mortar and artillery fire fell on bn. position all day, this was an increase over previous days. Relief of bn was delayed due to enemy artillery fire. Decoy Red 18th Inf. lst Bn. began relieving us at 2100 hrs and at 0200 hrs, Dec lst the entire bn was relieved. Thunderbolts were bombing and strafing enemy positions to our front. One of our planes in its strafing run came too close to I Co position and one casualty was reported. Weather clear and cool. Cas: 9 WIA, 2 KIA, 6 ab sk, 2 NP, and 1 SIW-Pvt. Balchen. One replacement assigned to K Co transferred from Can. Co.

Dec 1st - Our bn. was relieved by Red Bn. of the 18th at 0200 hrs. Bn. withdrew back in the area in which they were initially before attacking Junglesdorf. At 1115 hrs the bn. had another mission of cleaning the woods to the east of our position from (042461) down to (046454). The bn. scattered resistance. Enemy artillery and mortar fire was not as heavy as in previous days. Cas: 3 ab sk, 5 WIA, 1 SIW.

Dec 2nd - The rear CP moved up to join in with the forward CP at 1000 hrs and at 1200 hrs the entire transmission was completed. L Co relieved G Co of the 26th after pushing forward to the edge of the woods. The bn. is now to an assembly area to reorganize and equip the troops. The position is one, located in the woods. Hot chow was served to all companies less L Co, because of present status. Weather cloudy, rain, & cool. Cas: 10 ab sk, 4 WIA, Capt Faid hosp. CO of K Co.

Dec 3rd - Bn. underwent reorganization within companies. Supply sergeants were at the companies to equip and supply troops with a change of socks and underwear. These dirty clothes were sent to the QM laundry to be washed. V mail forms and Xmas Cards were issued to the personnel. A few rds. of enemy mortar and artillery fell in our position. Cas: 5 WIA, 11 ab sk, Lt. Buck hosp. battle injury.

Dec 4th - The bn. is in its assembly area reorganizing the companies. Sgt. Vangsness, 1st Sgt of Hq Co transferred to Co L and the present major has taken over the vacancy in addition to his other duties. Co L was alerted to move out and relieve Co G of the 26th at 1300 hrs. Later in the day Lt Korach, Blue 2 and the intelligence section were alerted to move on a secret mission at 1700 hrs. German aircraft were over today, this makes the second day successively that they have been over. Cas: ab sk 10, Weather clear & windy.

Dec. 5th - Our bn. was alerted to move and relieved by Red Bn. of the 39th Inf. At 1100 hrs K Co the 1st company to be relieved, evacuated their positions completely at this hr. At 1700 hrs. the bn. was entirely relieved. The personnel marched to an entrucking point 4 miles to the rear of our position. At this point trucks convoyed companies to miles east of Aubel, Belgium a distance of 25 miles (680354) sheet #70. Upon arrival guides spotted the companies in their

proper areas. Hot coffee and sandwiches were served to troops after they were billeted. The field train moved to our present area Aubel, Belgium. earlier in the day and able to set up before troops arrived. Weather clear and cold. Cas: NONE.

Dec 6th - Today much administration work was carried on within the bn. Buildings and sheltered were provided for troops sleeping outdoors, in order to keep them dry and warm. Showers were located and a schedule was set up for the companies. Col Seitz visited the CP this afternoon and the Bn. Commander guided him to positions of companies. Co. Commanders meeting was held at 1230 hrs. to discuss bn. SOP and 30 day furloughs to USA for EM and Off. Two men per company were submitted to regt. and these men were alerted to their company areas. At 2200 hrs the list of names were returned to those to return home on furlough. They were listed as follows: Captain Billings, T/Sgt Williams M Co. S/Sgt St. Hilliare L Co., PFC Duda L Co., PFC Wood I Co, T/Sgt Halko Hq Co and T/Sgt Dobol L Co. Weather: cold and rainy. Cas: Abs sk 1.

Dec 7th - The bn speeded up its efforts to carry out past administration and bring it up to date. Further shower facilities were added where a soldier could obtain a clean uniform after a refreshing shower. A group of men departed for the rest camp at Verviers, a VII corps rest

camp, where they will receive clean clothes, clean web equipment, have their weapons checked by ordnance, and whatever incidental can be accommodated. At 1225 hrs Maj Carney, and S/Sgt Nagy Co M were alerted to go on 30 day furlough to USA. The Bn Commander delivered a farewell speech to those men going on furlough before they departed on their journey to USA. These particular men will be carried on DS in the morning report. At 1800 hrs Maj Rainey, the former Bn Surgeon visited the CP with Col Corley. The Col then retired from the CP with the Maj. The men of the CP industriously worked clearing administration. Lt. Korach became S-1, and Lt Ablenado S-2 within the bn. Cas: 2 ab sk, Weather rainy and cool.

Dec 8th - This morning troops were shuttled to and from showers via Service Co trucks attch'd to 3rd Bn. and by 1230 hrs the troops had clean appearances. Another roster was drawn up for men going on pass to Verviers, 12 men per company plus Lt Vanderstolp and Lt Unzicker. A roster was made for men to go on pass to Paris. Five men per co. plus the following officers, Capt. Nachey, Lt. Korach, and Lt. Moh. Later in the morning officers paid by an officer from Cn Co. The entire bn. transportation was washed by at the regt'l wash racks upon completing this operation, they were wiped down with oil and greased. Wire and radio equipment were checked and minor repairs were made. Cas: ab sk 4. 10 casuals returned to their companies from hosp. 2 of which were from a replacement depot. Weather rain and cold.

Dec 9th - Today the bn. enlisted men were paid for the month of Nov. Lt Elsen was agent Off. The monies which the men desired to send home by PTA was collected. Then each co. PTA Off. then over to Lt. Legow Bn PTA Off. There was an officers reception at Circle Catholique 1600-1700 hrs. where color streamers were presented to Guide On of each company for Africa, Sicily, and France. The Div C.O. Gen Huebner went down the ranks congratulating each man for his leadership. Later in the evening a dance was held and invitations were extended to each officer. Cas: ab sk 4, Weather snow.

Dec 10th - The Sunday schedule was followed throughout the bn. Church services were held at Aubel by both Father Byrne and Chaplain Chase. The plans and training officer, Capt. Botts and Col Corley discussed and drew up a training program for the following week, based on the schedule set up at Regt. A CO meeting was held to consider the above program. The men departed for Paris today, 5 men per company and Capt Nachey, Lt Korach, and Lt Vanderstolp. Another trip promoted to Verviers, 12 men per company plus 2 officers. Cas: 2 abs sk. Weather rain.

Dec 11th - A formation was held to present the Bn. Commander with 2 awards, one of which was earned by the excellent record of the bn. The Col. told the men that he was very proud to be wearing their medal, along with those he earned himself. In the speech he made he expressed the desire for the men to do their job and do it well. Gen Huebner made the presentation and a short speech. The companies retired from the formation after which they began their training schedule. Cas: 8 ab sk, 2 malaria. Weather, intermittent rain.

Dec 12th - The normal training schedule was carried out, schools of various types were held. This afternoon 30 men and 1 off. were awarded the bronze star by Col Seitz for meritorious service. A roster was submitted to the CP for a rest at Verviers. The men are being educated in the particular drills and use of weapons, both as a defensive and offensive weapons. Weather cold and rain. Cas: 3 ab sk.

Dec 13th - The normal training schedule was carried out according to specific plans and specialist schools were conducted. An NCO school was also conducted by Capt Botts, under the guidance of Col Corley. 1st Sgts are bringing records up to date working on sick records as the factor which lagged. Files of the CP are being checked, records destroyed which are no longer required and new files started. Weather: Clear & Cold. Casualties for today were: 7 absent sick.

Dec 14th - The 1st Sgt had a meeting this morning at Regt where specific instructions were given to the men MR's and Sick Book Reports. Newspaper articles were also submitted to the CP. These items were summaries of a mans past experiences in the Division. The items were submitted to the Regt where they will be published to newspapers of a man's hometown. The training program was carried out according to the specified program for the day. Cas: 9 ab sk Weather: cold.

Dec 15th - Today men were presented with awards by the Regt'l C.O. Lt. Ablenado reading the General Order and the Col making the presentation. The normal training program carried out. The Communications pltn leader conducted a school on communications in the various workings of the communications in the bn. The CP group had completed the filing of records as the bn C.O. checked the files. A dental inspection was conducted by the dental surgeon of the Regt. A night problem was carried out this evening by the letter companies. Cas: 1 ab sk. Weather: Cold and rain.

Dec 16th - The normal training continued today following out the training notes. Men were permitted to go to Liege on pass this afternoon for the week-end, returning Sunday at 2100 hrs. At 2100 hrs.,we were notified that we were on one hr. alert. Preparations were immediately made to move out. Cas: 2 ab sk. Weather clear and cold.

Dec 17th - At 0130 hrs we were alerted to move and billeting parties were instructed to meet at the CP. Billeting party consisted of one officer and competent NCO per company; shortly after the billeting party arrived at CP they were notified to depart for Regt. with S-2 Lt Ablenado in command. Trans. arrived very near 0200 hrs, and by 0230 the men were on trucks, ready to roll. Convoy moved out at the appointed hr with Lt Col Corley in command of first MO and Capt Nachey in command of 2nd MO. The bn arrived at Camp Elsenborn at 0200 hrs a distance of 33 miles. Enroute enemy airplanes dropped flares and paratroopers, while considerable anti-aircraft fire opened on them. The convoy halted for a few minutes and all lights were turned off. From this point the vehicles moved forward without lights. Upon arriving at the assembly area men were billeted. At 1330 hrs the bn moved out on trucks for approximately 3 miles and at this point detrucked, marching about 1 mile securing Butgenbach at 1500 hrs, establishing a CP at this town. Later moving out securing a position NW of Bullingen. Cas: 2 ab sk, Weather light rain-cold wind.

Dec 18th - The bn moved forward at 1000 hrs for a distance of a few 100 yds north of Bullingen. There was sporadic small arms fire and artillery fire. The enemy was observed to be evacuating the town. The CP split up into two groups including the Col plus communications pltn, and two squads of the AP pltn. The anti-tank pltn checked in this afternoon at 1400 hrs. Cas: 2 WIA, 1 SIW, 4 ab sk.

Dec 19th - Bn in defensive position with K Co on our right, I Co on our left, L Co in front and M Co in position to support all companies. I Co extended its position around hill 503 and held a commanding observance of the town. K Co also extended its position a few yds. Upon settling position, security procedures were maintained. Enemy mortars & artillery fire plus 30mm rocket fell in around our positions. This afternoon enemy aircraft were over our position. During the day numerous Buzz bombs were sent over. The motor pool arrived at rear CP where maintenance can be given to vehicles. In the evening a group of four drivers sent up to I Co position to recover some trucks sent evacuated by another outfit. After a check they determined only one vehicle capable of being driven under its own power. As the men drove off with the truck it bogged down in the mud. Fuel tablets were sent to the companies along with water and rations at 1600 hrs. Cas: 4 WIA, 2 ab sk.

Dec 20th - Bn is set in a defensive position with all the necessary security measures. An L Co patrol went forward today to contact elements of the 2nd Division and met them at a point of the Hari River. This same patrol went across Warch River and Holzmarche River on the outskirts of Wirtzfeld. At this town they tried to draw fire from the enemy by yelling down the street but drew no fire and discovered that Jerry was not at this point. Occasional mortar and artillery fire fell upon the bn position. Cas: 7 WIA, 2 malaria, and 2 KIA.

Dec 21st - Bn. is in its defensive position with no minor changes in its primary defenses. No patrols were sent forth today. There were no large scale penetrations by the enemy in the bn. sector. However, there was heavy enemy shelling within the bn. The forward and rear CP were heavily shelled also. Rations, water and ammo, were issued from the rear CP. Cas: 7 WIA, 10 Ab sk, Lt Jones, M Co ab sk. Weather light snow and frost.

Dec 22nd - Both L and I Co's maintained present position but K Co position was hit by force at of enemy and tanks combined from the right flank. In the skirmish the AT pltn knocked out Mark V with a bazooka shell or grenade. The position with K Co held, was disorganized for a while, but later in the afternoon they reorganized and returned to reestablish a defensive position near primary position. M Co fired at numerous targets. There casualties were mostly from K Co and AT pltn. Cas: 9 WIA, 3 KIA, Lt Mosley and Capt Baddelay were wounded. Capt Botts assumed command of K Co. Weather snow and cold. 1 Prisoner captured.

Dec 23rd - Bn. defensive position changed somewhat, K Co shifting from right flank position to a reserve position behind I & L Co's. The right flank position was taken by B Co of the 18th Inf. L Co front was fairly quiet while I Co position was shelled moderately with artillery. The observer with I Co spotted many enemy targets and called for fire by 81mm mortars. Two Mark V tanks were put out of action by 81mm light mortar ammo. Three bombs landed within 100 yds of rear CP demolishing two unidentified ton vehicles. The situation was fairly quiet on the whole. No attacks were launched against the bn. Cas: 1 WIA, and 4 ab sk. Weather cold and clear.

Dec 24th - Usual improvement of defensive positions. Mines starting to be laid. Trip flares and A&P mines laid in area to left of I Co. Quiet all day along the front. Listening patrol out from Co I.

Dec 25th - Clear bright day with about 2 inches of snow on the ground. It is just the kind of Xmas day you would want to spend at home. Perfect weather. Air Corps is out in strength. Hay is distributed to men for their holes. Rather quiet all day along the bn. front. Capt. Shealy joins the Bn, takes command of Co K.

Dec 26th - More mines laid in front of I Co. The gap between I & L Co's also covered with mines. Usual listening patrol out from I Co found Jerry 1200 yds to their front starting to dig in. A recheck on the morning of the 27 reveals abandoned equipment and no Jerries dug in. Patrol from L Co heard a horse drawn vehicle on the left flank. Mine laying again tonight.

Dec 27th - Increase in mortar and artillery fire. It is believed a new unit has moved into our front. Bn. starts to dig in a second defensive line. A complete mine belt is started across the bn. front.

A house near the Bn CP is set up for a squad per Co. to spend 24 hrs. at. Has lights, a radio, hot water, books, etc.

Dec 28th - Listening patrol from I report all quiet in town at 2200 hrs 12/27/44. Heinie preceded by an intense artillery shoot comes into the left flank of L at 0530. Drives in the outpost, 1 EM MIA, 1 KIA, and 10 WIA. Visibility poor all day until 1500 hrs. Jerries fire all day has been very

erratic. L Co attacks to reach its outpost line at 1700 hrs. At 1720 Mike 6 called Blue 2 and stated that all lines forward were out.

1750 Love 6 called Blue 6 saying, meeting heavy resistance to our immediate front. Fire defensive fire #1 #2 #3. 1805 Capt. Botts left the Blue forward CP to visit M Co and L Co sector, and for Mike 6 to fire defensive fires A&B. Blue 6 at 1820 asked L Co for an old Soldier. Love 6 answered Blue 6 that some progress was made but would report later. Report of this was given to Dextrous 6 at 1830. Also at 1830 Mike Co was to continue firing DF at short intervals. We heard that at 1832 friendly airplanes roaring over us, they were in large numbers.

By 1900 Blue 2 received good news from Blue 6 that friendly units of our on our left have 2 pltns on hill 577 and that another pltn of this unit would move in position tonight. Also news that Blue 6 at 1900 gave Blue 3 a report that one pltn of K Co was to report to Love 6 and be in support of L Co. Blue 3 reported to Blue 6 that L Co. started to push south for their positions and met a combat patrol of 30 to 40 Germans at position 939039. A pltn of L Co pushing down south of RR met 50 to 60 Jerries on the right. Blue 6 reported to Dextrous that at 944-037 this platoon had encountered Jerries and that everything was under control. 1901 a new defensive fire at 946036 #8. L Co outpost south of RR post, helmets, sniper rifles, and other Jerry equipment was found in L Co old OP position (information of equipment was forwarded to Dextrous 6). At 2115 Blue 6 gave Blue 3 this information, that when L Co had sent a combat patrol to try and regain its outpost line they found that the Jerry was attacking. The patrol withdrew and L Co then attacked the Jerry and regained its outpost line. This information was sent to Dextrous S-2. Dextrous 6

called Blue 3 at 2110 and asked what the situation was; also asked, did we get any identification. Blue 3 gave him the situation and told Dextrous 6 that billfolds and soldiers books would get in as soon as possible in the morning. Item 6 reported at 2320 that his listening posts reported absolutely no sound from 1945 to 2300 hrs. Also that Item Co had laid all their wire communications. 2400 Blue 3 gave Dex l a report that all was quiet and also the information that their listening post did not hear any sounds of Jerry movements. Prisoners taken 2. Cas: 18 WIA, Lt Culligan SIW 1 K Co; ab sk 6, KIA 2 NP 3.

Dec 29th - The bn. sector was fairly quiet with few artillery shells landing at intervals around the bn. sector. From 0015 to 0550 nothing was heard of any movement of Jerry around the bn. sector. At 0550 Item 6 reported to Blue 6 that there was a lot of vehicle movement in the Town of Bullingen which I's positions overlooked. This movement was picked up by I Co's listening post. Blue 6 reported this movement to Dex 5. Dex. 5 told Blue to forget it until White Bn patrol came back, which went out at 0015 and still was not reported in to its Bn. Dex. 5 also told Blue 6 that TOT (time on target) be recommended. Later at 0630 Item listening post returned and revealed that there not as much activity as indicated over the radio. Reported 2 and some men carrying articles. At 1145 Item Co patrol which 0500 30th Dec was going toward the town of Bullingen , had the mission of capturing a prisoner in the vicinity of the RR station in Bullingen.

Report came from Dex. 3 to Blue 2 that at 1905 L Co patrol which was to contact the unit on its left, walked over a mine field of 15 AP mines. The unit on its left was going to lay more mines. At 2221 LN3 reported to Blue that sound and flash had picked up enemy guns which were firing from the vicinity of 949029. Lt. Cody from LN3 alerted 3 Charlie and 3 Cannon to observe fire and warn if it was too close to be fired at. Finally reported at 2300 came from Blue 3 to Dex. Duty Officer. All was quiet in the Bn. sector. Cas: WIA 2, ab sk 4, KIA 1.

Dec 30th - The morning at 0001 started with enemy shells coming near our Bn. area and seeming to be more to our rear. At 0015 there was heavy shelling in our CP forward area and in the town of Butgenbach. Dex. line from Blue was out. From 0350 to 0515 it was very quiet with the bn. sector. I Co's patrol and MG outpost that they heard 8 or 10 Jerries with a machine gun making a lot of noise in a house at the following coordinate 948021. At 1000 hrs a recon of Bn sector was made by Co C of the 2nd Bn. of the 23rd Inf. 2nd Division, and recon was finished at 1200 hrs. Companies followed at this range I - F, K - G, L - E, M - H; that is the way the companies went to their positions. At 1445 Item asked for a litter Jeep. Blue 6 gave Capt. Riter an answer on Booby traps and wire. At 1430 Engr and the AP pltn laid AP mines in L Co area and wanted to complete the mine field of L Co & I Co areas. We had a friendly visit from Gen Taylor at 1630. They went down to visit the Blue Bn rest Camp. At 2330 hrs Blue 6 told Love 6 that the AP mine field was completed of 24 rolls of barb wire and 24 wire rolls. Relief of I Co slow, started at 2030; artillery and mortar falling. I and L Co were notified. Cas: WIA 2, ab sk 4, KIA 1.

Dec 31st - 0035 started the bn. morning. The bn. had ordered 36 anti-tank personnel mines. Some to be laid in the daylight and the rest to be laid after dark. This work was coordinated by the Bn S-3, Capt. Botts. The Engr Off. reported that the mine field had been completed and that one mine field was shortened from 750 to 600 mines. The 150 mines were used in the main field. At 0130 hrs Blue 3 called King 6 and said the change would start at 2030 because King 6 and Item 6 thought change would be more quiet at that time. Blue 3 told King 6 to report when he was completely closed in his new area. At 0355 King 6 called LM 3 that King Co had completed its change and checked his positions. There was no activity and all was in order. this report was reported to Dex. 2, Capt. Laffley. From 0410 to 0700 all was quiet. At 1000 hrs. Blue 2 called Love 6 that combat patrol is to go from Love Co area to the vicinity of 949-023. At 0500 was for him tomorrow. Also at 1500 at 1630, 1 pltn reinforced with machine guns is going to clean woods in vicinity of 928-011. If they succeed they are to a point of 933-010. Time of 1730 the 3rd pltn of L Co saw a pilot drop at north of Bullingen, was from the 83rd. A report to all companies came from the blue forward CP the next door neighbors were going to give a shoot on Hitler's New Years Eve Speech. Also to be especially watchful tomorrow. Then the final report came in that all was quiet at 2400 hrs and the New Years came in. This ends the last day of 1944. Cas: 2 KIA, 3 ab sk and 1 NP.

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