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7: April-June, 1944

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Apr 1 - Saturday mornings inspection. Hq cleaning kitchen for inspection of the Supreme Allied Comdr.

Apr 2 - The Supreme Comdr, A.F.H.O., Gen Eisenhower, visited the Bn today. He arrived at 0905 and left at 0930 hours. He spoke to officers and EM of the regt, 2nd and 3rd. Bn. He inspected Hq Co kitchen. He was well pleased with the general appearance of the kitchen. He told S/Sgt Lloyd Kelly that he had the cleanest kitchen in the E.T.O. Other high ranking officers were Gen Gerow, Corps Comdr, Gen Huebner, 1st Div comdr, Gen Wyman, 1st Inf Div comdr.

Apr 3 - Men who haven't qualified with their weapons firing at Sydlings St. Nicholas Range. Usual garrison duties for all companies.

Apr 4 - Gen Hodges (deputy Army comdr) and Gen Wyman inspecting companies for type of training. Companies K & L firing on range. Co "M" firing mortars on the range. All other companies having usual garrison duties.

Apr 5 - Hq Co & Co "I" firing on Home Guard Range - 5 rounds per man. Cos. I & K having training of plat combat problem on lighthouse Range. Co "M" - Usual Garrison duties, also sprint hike. Co "K" BAR's firing on 1000 inch range.

Apr 6 - BAR's from Co "K" firing on 1000 inch range. Co "L" training plat combat problem on Lighthouse Range. All other companies having usual garrison duties.

Apr 7 - Bn stream crossing at Blandford. Companies practicing stream crossing in morning and afternoon. Night problem - Bn in attack with stream crossing and hike. Problem lasted until 0030 hours Saturday. Troops sleeping in Broadley Woods. Coffee and doughnuts were served to troops.

Apr 8 - Bn returns to base camp, arriving at 0900 hours. Companies having inspection of equipment and inspection of buildings.

Apr 9 - Easter Sunday - Church Services.

Apr 10 - Gen Bradley, Army Comdr. and Gen Wyman lst Div Inf Comdr. visiting bn. Gen Bradley inspected "I", "L", "M" & Hq Co kitchens. Gen Bradley giving talk to all officers of Regt (less 1st Bn off) at church hall - time 1530 hours. Gen Bradley and Gen Wyman left bn at 1600 hours. Co "I" & "K" firing indiv. weapons on Home Guard range. 5 rounds per man. Bn A.T. platoon firing on 1000 inch range. Other companies usual garrison duties.

Apr 11 - Co "L" firing indiv. arms on Home Guard Range - 5 rounds per man. BAR's from Co "L" firing on 1000 inch range. All other companies usual garrison duties.

Apr 12 - Hq Co & Co "M" firing indiv. weapons on Home Guard Range. Bn A.T. platoon firing on 1000 inch range. Other companies usual garrison duties.

Apr 13 - Companies "M" & "L" firing 60mm & 81mm Mortars on Lighthouse Range. Other companies usual garrison duties.

Apr 14 - Bn restricted to barracks after duty hours. The restriction was all over the E.T.O. for the purpose so men AWOL could be found. Usual garrison duties.

Apr 15 - Saturday mornings inspection.

Apr 16 - Sunday Church services in Swanage.

Apr 17 - Officers compass problem. Co "I" 60mm mortars & snipers firing on Lighthouse Range. Sprint hike for all companies. March to range considered a sprint hike. Usual garrison duties for other companies.

Apr 18 - Officers Compass problem. Gen Montgomery seen in vicinity of Swanage. Co "M"'s HMG firing on Lighthouse Range. Co "K" snipers firing on Lighthouse Range. Sprint hike for all companies.

Apr 19 - Usual garrison duties. Sprint hike for all companies

Apr 20 - Gen Huebner giving speech to 3rd Bn, Regtl Hq Co, AT Co, and Serv Co. Told the men that their training is finished and that they had a job to do, also that we would fight as a div. when we got to France. Usual Garrison duties.

Apr 21 - AT platoon firing on 1000 inch range. Co "L" firing indiv. arms (5 rds. per man) on home Guard Range.

Apr 22 - Firing on Home Guard Range for men who have not fired during the week. Saturday mornings inspection by co. comdrs.

Apr 23 - Church services. Swanage bombed by Germans. Incendiary bombs and personnel mines dropped. Cannon companies Half trucks damaged. No one was injured.

Apr 24 - Companies "L" & "K" firing on Home Guard Range. - 5 rds per man. Co "M" firing mortars on Lighthouse range. AT plat. firing on 1000 inch range. Usual Garrison duties for all companies.

Apr 25 - AT plat firing on 1000 inch range. Hq Co & "I" firing indiv. arms on Home Guard range. Mortar firing on Lighthouse from "I" & "K" companies. Usual garrison duties.

Apr 26 - AT plat. firing on 1000 inch range. Co "L" mortars firing on Lighthouse Range. Usual Garrison duties for other companies.

Apr 27 - Regimental Problem. Regt in attack. Left Base camp and arrived Church Knowl at 1549 hours. (approx 8 miles) Ate evening meal at assembly area. Regtl problem started at 1800 hrs. and lasted until 1000 hrs the following day.

Apr 28th - Bn on Regimental problem up to 1000 hrs, then all bns returned to base camp. Bn reached base camp at 1400 hrs.

Apr 29 -Saturday Mornings inspection.

Apr 30 - Church services In Swanage. "Joe Louis" - Sparring with the div boxing champion at the 2nd Bn parade grounds.

May 1st - Bn preparing for move to Swanage, England. Troops cleaning equipment and cleaning the barracks.

May 2 - Breakfast at 0630 hours. Troops rolling their roll and moving out of the buildings at 0945 hours. Col Corley inspecting the barracks. At 0955 hours troops walk to Swanage station (approx. 1/2 mile with all their equipment). Inspecting General inspected all the barracks and

was well pleased. Troops aboarded train at 1130 hrs. Leaving station at 1150 hours. Traveled approx. 100 miles by rail. Reaching destination at 1810 hrs, Torpoint, England. Shuttle system of troops by trucks to Camp Raleigh. Traveled distance by truck was approx 2 miles. Arriving at H.M.S. Raleigh at 1850 hours. Bn sleeping in bks. 5th Armored unit feeding the bn.

May 3 - Troops fixing Bks. 5th Armored running mess for Bn.

May 4th - Usual camp duties. Rainy day schedule in afternoon. USO show for troops (called "Keep them Rolling") 5th Armored running mess by Bn for regiment.

May 5th - Usual training schedule, close order drill - calisthenics. lecture.

May 6th - Companies troops trying on impregnated clothing. Inspection of Barracks. Men allowed to go on pass to Plymouth for one day.

May 7th - Church Services.

May 8th - Usual training - calisthenics - close order drill - lectures - Show in Theater for troops. Red Cross serving doughnuts and coffee to troops.

May 9th - Companies having problem in training area. Eating noon meal in field. CPX for all communication men (Radio 300 SCR & 536 SCR).

May 10 - Companies in training area. Companies practicing defensive problems by Platoons. Eating noon meal in field. Picture show in theater for all troops. (White Cargo). Bn night problems by companies.

May 11 - Calisthenics - close order drill - specialized training by platoons, organized athletics. Usual garrison duties.

May 12 -Companies in training area (approx 2 & miles -from camp). Calisthenics close order drill - lectures on army talks and discussion. All companies eating noon meal in training area. Return of all companies to base camp at 1600 hours.

May 13 - All 60mm and 81mm mortars firing on range, HMG firing on range. Usual garrison duties for all other personnel.

May 14 - Church Services.

May 15 - Hq Co (Less 22 men, also Col Corley) prepared for move to J-6 area.

May 16 - Hq Co left base camp (HMS Raleigh) at 0730 hrs. by bus, plus all organic transportation and travelled approx 25 miles to J-6 area. (Sausage Cold) Arrived at new area at 1200 hrs. All vehicles parked along road and camouflaged. Men sleeping in tents. Lt Volk plus seven (7) EM on DS. All others in co. remaining at HMS Raleigh.

May 17 - Hq Co (less 43 to include drivers, asst drivers and A& P men left back to guard J-6 and J-7 area, to guard vehicles and area) left by foot for hike back to HMS Raleigh. Time 0930 hrs. Troops marched approx. 19 miles to HMS Raleigh. Arriving at Camp at 1505 hrs. Co's "I", "K", "L", & "M" still at HMS Raleigh.

May 18 - All companies (less Hq Co) on hike. Usual camp duties in afternoon Athletics. Routine night problems by companies.

May 19th - Usual garrison duties. Close order drill - Calisthenics - Athletics. Routine night problems by companies.

May 20 - Usual Saturday morning inspection by companies.

May 21 - Church services.

May 22 - All companies on hike until noon. Bn restricted to camp, no one allowed outside camp area and no person to enter. Organized athletics for co's in afternoon.

May 23 - All companies turning in gas masks and were replaced with assault gas masks. Organized athletics, close order drills, calisthenics, etc.

May 24 - All companies having calisthenics, close order drill, organized athletics.

May 25 - Usual garrison duties. Calisthenics, close order drill, organized athletics. Maj Carvey leaving for J-6 area.

May 26 - All excess equipment turned in by all personnel of 3rd bn (including barracks bag) Gen Montgomery giving lecture to Regtl Staff and C.O. of each Bn. Gen Wyman in area.

May 27 - All companies taking a 4 hour hike. US Army band playing for all troops (including. one Bn of 29th Div) at motor pool.

May 28 - Sunday Church Services.

May 29 - Hq Co (49) men preparing to move back to J-6 area. Rolled equipment in morning 1330. Col Sutherland inspected Barracks. Men boarded trucks at 1420 hrs. Left Raleigh at 1435 by convoy and arriving at J-6 area at 1645 hrs. Distance covered, approx. 26 miles. All other Co's left back at HMS Raleigh, including Col Corley plus Lt Reynolds.

May 30 - Armistice Day. men preparing for move in morning. PX rations, life belts were issued to troops. Vehicles loaded. Men given briefing speech by Maj Carvey and Capt Ford.

May 31 - Hq ate Breakfast at 0600 hrs. Rolled equipment to move to boats. Chow served at 1030 hrs. Boarded trucks at 1220. Leaving J-6 area (5 miles south east Collington) at 1230. Arrived at destination (1 mile north of Torpoint) at 1500 hrs. (approx. 21 miles) Walked mile to assembly area. Men eating, chow served by QM. Troops aboard LST 494 at 1730 (All organic transportation 3rd Bn plus 43 EM Hq Co) 3rd Bn medic's, Co "C" medic's, 33rd FA, "C" Bat. and Lt Willis liaison officer.


June 1st - All Battalion transportation and equipment not being carried by personnel (excepting kitchen trucks and personnel which are scheduled to come ashore at "D" plus 8) is today completely loaded aboard LST #494, U. S. Navy. The ship is anchored in Plymouth Bay, England. Seems rather symbolic, for the Mayflower was anchored in this same bay before the Pilgrim Fathers made their historic voyage to New England. Military Personnel aboard this boat are under the control of Major James B. Carvey, 3rd Battalion Executive Officer, and includes Capt. Hughes, Bn S-3, Capt. Ford, Bn S-1, Lieut. Brown, Communication Officer, Lieut. Huff, assistant S-4, Lieut Fountain and a detachment from Company "M" Lieut. McKrell, Transportation Officer (who is TQM) Lieut. Nechey, Anti-tank Officer, Lt. Sellick, Assistant Anti-tank Officer, Capt. Sperling and Capt. Songer with the Battalion medical section, Naval Foc party under direction of Ensign Van Camp and 1st Lieut. Holloway and, Capt. Pelletier in command of all personnel and equipment of Battery "C" 33rd Field Artillery Battalion and liaison group from 33rd also aboard.

Today all NCO's received their briefing from 0930 to 1030 hours in the Officers Ward Room. Were brought up to date on Enemy installations and dispositions, our plans and tactics to be used and routes to be taken after we hit the beach.

Army rations are being taken aboard. Navy menu to be abandoned tomorrow. White bread is being served at all meals. Quite a treat after months of the British Victory loaf.

Personnel of the four line companies have not boarded ship as yet. They are still ashore at H.M.S. Raleigh.

June 2nd. - We are still anchored put in the bay but the convoy is forming slowly but surely. Even in this one small port the forces, and the equipment, the ships and the personnel are tremendous and preparations such as we see here, are occurring all over the United Kingdom. It forebodes evil for the Jerries whenever "D" day occurs.

Boat assignments have been made in case of abandon ship. General Quarters drill has been observed and worked out quite well. Personnel reacted quickly according to instructions and generally were well behaved during the drill.

All units aboard holding briefing conferences again. All personnel gradually becoming acquainted with the situation and the plans.

Nothing unusual happened today. Day filled with unit organization. Motors were warmed up and tested for one hour from 1500 to 1600 hrs. this afternoon. Weather is clear and sunny.

Lieut. Volk and Lieut. Allen plus six men as an advance detail boarded the DOROTHEA DIX, U. S. Navy, today.

June 3rd - Convoy is still forming and growing. Aboard this ship the day being devoted again to briefing and general organization. Motors again started and warmed up between 1500 and 1600 hours. Everyone anxious to get going and get the job started.

The balance of the Battalion is loading aboard LCI's today, the companies being disposed as follows: "I" Co. under command of Captain Semanchyk on LCI 539 (USS), "K" Co. under Captain Moultrap aboard LCI 556 (USS), "L" Company under Capt. Billings aboard LCI 416 (USS), "M" Company under Capt. Uffner plus Col. Corley, Battalion Commander (C.O. of troops) and following personnel composing the command group: Lieut Reynolds Bn S-2, Lieut Bicker, Bn S-4, Radio Section less 2 men, wire section less 2 men, message center less 2 men, all aboard LCI 415.

June 5th - Moved out of Plymouth Bay at 0230 Hours. Sailed along south with France our destination. In particular, the coast of Normandy at a point between St. Laurent Sur Mer and Colleville Sur Mer. Men getting all packed and ready to go. Morale is good and spirit excellent. Again, nothing to do but "sweat it out". At darkness can still sight the coast of England. No unusual occurrences.

June 6th. - At daylight no land can be observed. 0720 hours was to be "H" hour for the invasion of Europa Festung (The Fortress of Europe). We are to land on Omaha Fox Green beach. The 16th Infantry is the assault force coupled with the 116 Infantry of the 29th Division. The 18th Infantry follows the 16th Infantry and the 26th Inf. is scheduled to land, as reserve, at "H" plus 12 or approximately 1930 hrs. At 1000 hrs. we first observed land on our right flank (starboard bow). We were first able to discern the beach at 1500 hrs. It seems to be littered with equipment. Enemy fire falling length and breadth of the whole beach. It must be really tough ashore.

Co. Corley and the Bn. hit Omaha Easy Red Beach between 1800 and 1900 hrs. after vainly trying to get in on Fox Green. "I","K", and "M" Companies landed during this period and moved inland under control of Col. Corley. "L" Co. moved in on Fox Green as intended under Capt. Billings control. They joined with the 16th Inf. in the vicinity of Colleville Sur Mer and went into action.

Col. Corley's command reports the beach an utter shambles. Equipment scattered everywhere. Beach under observed artillery fire. Derelict sea-craft hung up on the beach--a few on fire. The colonel led the Bn. through the one gap they were able to traverse. Moved toward assembly area and ran into the Reg. CP in an over-ran gun emplacement. Received orders to hold the Bn. in place for a possible change of orders. Order came and Bn. moved to draw north of St. Laurent Sur Mer. Capt. Moultrap injured. Lieut. Cornwell placed in command of "K" Co.

Major Carvey with second command group left LST 494 at 2145 hrs. and landed on Omaha Easy Red Beach. Major Carvey, Capt. Ford, Lieuts, Willis, Huff, Egge and 31 EM were in one LCVP that struck a mine and sank. Capt. Hughes took charge and let the group to a point some 1700 yards off the beach where he contacted the rest of the Bn. At this point Hq. Co., I, K, & M Co's. formed the complete Bn. At 2300 hrs. German Dive Bombers bombed the beach area.

At 2300 hrs the Bn. moved out in column of files because of mine fields. Held up almost at once while Col. Corley reports to regiment again. During this time check on Hq. Co. finds only 27 men present. Lieut. Brown placed in temporary charge of the company.

Col. Corley received orders that 116th and 115th are attacking St. Laurent Sur Mer and that 3rd Bn. is to by-pass the town and seize the high ground on the south of town. Bn. moved out at 1230 hrs. with "K" Co. leading.

June 7th. - Bn. moved out at 0030 hrs. Beautifully clear night. At 0200 hrs. ran into enemy resistance composed of small arms fire mainly. At 0330 hrs, Bn. just short of objective, heavily engaged, begins to dig in. "M" Co, in general support.

At 0830 hrs. receive orders to advance on Formigny - Hill 57. Col. Corley and Capt. Crawford to go to 1st Bn., 18th Inf. CP to coordinate the effort. They will move out on our left. They have a few tanks. We will probably not have physical contact with 1st Bn. of 18th.

Capt. Billings of "L" Co. reports in at 1040 hrs. We have no medics excepting Co. aid men. "K" Co. jumps off at 1115 followed by "L" Co. Balance of day spent in trying to develop more than two platoons. We run into snipers and its just like hunting quail. They are up in trees with camouflaged uniforms. All areas have to be checked for hidden Heinies. We find we are attached to 1st. Bn., 18th Inf.

Lt. Selleck sent out to check with regiment at 2300 hrs. for more definite orders. Casualties for the day: Lieut. Emerson & 1 EM KIA Lt. Wanderstolp and 10 EM - WIA. Enemy morale - excellent; our troops - excellent. Was a clear sunny day. Medics joined us at 1600 hrs.

June 8th - Bn. relieved from attachment to 18th Inf. Receive orders to move from extreme right flank of division to extreme left flank. Organic transportation arrived at 0800 hrs. Bn. moved out at 1000 hrs. on hike of approximately 6 miles to the cross-roads near Mosles. Met no enemy resistance for we hiked laterally to the front lines past the rear of the 2nd Bn. 18th Inf. positions to a point just in the rear of the 2nd Bn. 26th Inf. & by-passed Tour-en-Bessin. We have attached to us a company of tanks from the 745th Tank Bn. under Command of Capt. Washburn.

Moved out at approximately 2000 hrs. Order of March: "I" Co., First CP group, "L" Co., "K" Co., Hq. Co., "M" Co & A.T. Pln. (with platoon from A. T. Co. attached). Formation: Inf. as advance guard with tanks rolling down in center, firing as they advanced. Gas or ammunition dump burning in Tour-en-Bessin. "I" Co. Casualties for the move: 3 EM KIA, 2 EM WIA, Total for the Bn.: 3 KIA; 2 WIA..

June 9th - Arrived on our objective at 0015 hrs. St. Anne (the objective) is situated approximately 900 yards east of Cussy. We find later that our battalion was the first unit in the whole allied beachhead to reach its initial objective. We're a good outfit. We know it. We've proven it. We have something to swell up our chest about. Companies deploy to their prearranged positions immediately.

At 0300 hrs. as tanks are moving up to "L" Co. positions the enemy launch an attack at the "L" Co. position. Enemy using concussion grenades and potato mashers. All except 2 platoons of "L" Co. forced to withdraw. 2nd Platoon of "M" Co. overrun. Lieut. Ruby does a beautiful job.

Bn. CP located in a large home next to the road. Co. & Bn on one side of the house, balance of company on other side of house. Enemy forces come down main road in trucks. Leading truck full of ammunition hit by tank fire and bursts into flames right in front of CP. two other trucks one of which tried to by-pass the first are also knocked out. Enemy on bicycles, motorcycles and one on a horse thrown in utter confusion. Close fighting, fast and furious. Heinies are utterly demoralized screaming, crying, and yelling as they jump into ditches along road and into foxholes in "K" Co's. positions. Situation very critical until dawn. Grenades being thrown into C*** CP. We learn a lesson: That building should be mouseholed so as to have communication between all elements. At daylight naval gunfire helps break up enemy attack and routs them. they are scared to death, many of them under shock. Many dead "Jerries" near "L" Co. position and eight or ten in front of CP.

Patrols then sent out to the south. At 1300 hrs. we move out towards final beach-head objective in the vicinity of Agy. We march approximately eight miles reaching Agy at 2000 hrs. Only light resistance along the way. Ammunition and chow brought up at 2200 hrs. Capt. Seman killed while Co. is trying to reach correct area.

Weather warm, light overcast clouds. Morale of our troops good but they are getting tired. Many men with sore feet. Its been a busy day. Casualties in Bn.: Capt. Uffner, Lieut. Ruby, and 36 EM WIA, 11 EM KIA, 7 EM MIA.

June 10th - Just before daylight "I" Company has a skirmish with the enemy and kill approximately 80, capturing 3 officers and 92 E.M.

We spend the day consolidating and strengthening our positions. After lunch General Wyman visits CP for an hour. Col. Seitz visited Bn. CP at 1200 hrs and left at 1245. Everyone seems pleased with our accomplishments. Routine patrols are out. English motorized patrol (Hampshires) who are on our left flank contact us at 2030 hrs coming to Bn. CP. Col. Corley left for Regt. at 2130 hrs. OP established in local church. Casualties: 1 EM - WIA

June 11th - A bright, cloudless, sunny day. Everything very quiet and peaceful. Chaplin Chase holds services near CP at 0900 hrs. Bn still in defensive position. General Huebner visits area at

1100 hrs. Talked with many men in "I" Co and extended sympathies over the loss of Capt. Semanchyl. Men seem all pooped out. They are washing feet, airing shoes, and cleaning socks. Feels good to rest a bit.

Before leaving area at 1145 hrs., Gen. Huebner expresses his pride on our achievement. Col. Seitz, Capt. Kohout, and Capt. Crawford visit Bn. after lunch for pleasure call. Father Flynn says mass at 1400 hrs. Bn. alerted to move at 2000 hrs. We move out behind 1st Bn., at 2100 hrs. Hike 3 miles to intermediate assembly area one and one-half miles south of Le Bas reaching that point at 2245 hrs. Bn. Casualties: 1 EM WIA. We are in reserve for regiment.

June 12th - We move out of assembly area at 0415 hrs. and walk 4 miles to Le Bourgoise arriving there at 0515 hrs. Another assembly area. 1st and 2nd Bn's. advancing against light sniper fire. We rest again. At 1530 hrs. Bn. moves out arriving at another assembly area 7 miles distant near Le Chappelle at 1815 hrs. Capt. Hughes relieved as S-3 appointed Bn. Ex. Off. Capt. Ford reld. as S-1, sent to rear, Lieut Brown aptd. Hq. Co. Com. and S-1, Lt. Selleck aptd Comm Off., Capt. Clisson reld C.O. Cannon Co. aptd S-3. CP set up in bombed out house near crossroads. A&P black-out CP, advance detail laid on. We have to wait until 1st and 2nd Bn. arrive at their objectives Le Repas and Caumont respectively. A company of medium tanks with tank dozer are attached to us. No casualties. Weather - clear, cloudless, sunny day, warm.

June 13th - Advance detail leaves at 0230 under Capt. Hughes, Lt. Reynolds, S-2 drops guides, a guide stands in wrong position and allows our trucks to take a wrong road toward the enemy but we catch them and bring them back.

We catch lst Bn. while they are 1 mile short of their objective. They are out on their feet. Both 1st. and 2nd Bn. doing swell job and advancing fast.

On left flank are British 7th Armored (the Desert Rats of 8th Army fame). We are keeping pace with them.

We have a breakfast of fresh fried eggs, French bread, and fresh butter and Coffee. It hits the spot. Everyone tries to catch a little sleep. We move out at 1115 hrs. lst and 2nd Bn definitely on their objectives. Jerry evidently surprised by our rapid advance. Move forward slowly and arrive at out position 700 yds east of Caumont. Bn. alerted for counterattack. We start digging in. Col. Seitz passes thru and is pleased with the regiments swell advance.

A scout car and Lt. Hale from 1st Royal Tank Regt. contacted us at 2130 hrs. Patrols from 16th Inf. contacting us hourly.

Troops are tired but morale good. Alternate cloudy and sunny day, nice weather. Bn. Casualties: 1 EM WIA.

June 15th - Still consolidating position. Men still digging down. Under artillery fire all day. Whole Regt is buttoning up and improving contact between battalions. Patrols sent to contact British on our left and 1st and 2nd Bns.

Very quiet day, nothing to report. No unusual occurrences. Strictly hard labor all day digging in. No casualties. We are still having beautiful weather during the day. However it cools considerably at night accompanied with an extremely heavy dew. Two men to hospital with malaria.

June 16th - Bn. still in defensive position. Enemy continued to shell battalion all day. General Wyman visited S-6 1100 hrs. to 1410 hrs. Gave order for each man to have alternate fox-holes. Co. "L" moved from defensive position 2000 yards to our right to close gap between 26th Inf. and British 6th Queens Regt. Reconnaissance patrol led by Lt. Fisher to La Croix forced to return due to heavy British artillery. Covered whole area. Capt. Brown of 131st Br. Brigade visited S-6 2040 hrs. in regard to defensive position of "L" Co. Patrol led by "I" Co. Sgt. for recon to Locqueville left 2200 hrs, returned 0030. Bn. received 13 replacements. 50% security called for at 2100 hrs. Weather clear and sunny. Bn. casualties: 1 EM WIA.

June 17th - Battalion continues holding defensive position, Today we received seventy-three (73) replacements (EM) and six (6) officers. Co. "L" was attacked by an enemy platoon at 2100 hrs. on their left flank. The attack was of very short duration and the enemy beaten off without causing us any casualties. Lt. Matthews left Co."L" with a recon patrol at 2300 hrs. The patrol advanced 1000 yds and received fire from Jerry machine guns and rifles both from left and right. They attempted to by-pass this area but drew more fire and were forced to return at 0400 hrs. Foot patrol sent N.E. of our position contacted the British at Livry and returned at 0030 without contacting enemy. Routine motor patrol from 2300 to 0430 hrs. made by Hq. Co. Intelligence reports no contact with enemy on lanes N.W. of our position. The 2nd Platoon of 1st Recon is now on our left flank of Co. "L" giving contact between Co. "L" and the British. Battalion S-3 and S-5 visited 2nd Bn. in Caumont. Returned with cork screws, erasers, chalk, paper clips, cigarette holders, baby rattles, and four rolls of exposed film. The weather was cloudy and damp this morning. The sun came out about noon time. We had one man wounded in action today.

June 18th - Our defensive position for the battalion remains unchanged. 100% alert called for throughout the Bn. from 0430 to 0730 for expected enemy sniper counterattack. Lt. Unzicker, Co. "L", was shot in abdomen by enemy sniper at 0800 hrs. this morning. Capt. Washburn Co. "C", 745th Tank Bn., visited Bn. at 2000 hrs. He and blue 3 left CP at 2015 for recon for probable counter-attack in the "L" Co. sector. Lt. Fisher with twelve enlisted men from Co. "L" left on patrol to contact enemy at 2300 hrs. Estimated one reinforced enemy platoon 1000 yds. to Bn. left front. Casualties for the day: 1 Officer and 10 EM WIA. Weather: Clear and warm.

June 19th - Bn. position static. The men continue to improve their fox holes and camouflage them. Lt. Fisher returned at 0400 hrs. with patrol. He reports patrol stopped by small arms fire but no casualties. Artillery fire called for on SCR 536 to bear on enemy positions. Results were satisfactory. Lt. Thomas of Co. "M" received slight facial wounds from shrapnel at 0900 hrs while on British OP. Col. Seitz, Regt. S-6, visited the bn. at 1130 hrs. for conference with bn. staff. Left Bn. at 1245 hrs. At 1600 hrs Lt. Col. R. H. Pratt, G-3, Lt. Col. Bethune G-2, and Lt. Col. Zwicker, G-4, all of Army Ground Forces, Hq. 5th Corps visited bn. Remained until 1715. Casualties: 1 WIA. Most of the day has been rainy and generally overcast.

June 20th - There is no change in defensive set up of the battalion. Lt. Donald, replacement officer of Co. "L" was shot and killed by a guard of Co. "L" OP when he failed to halt or respond when challenged by guard twice. He was shot at 0100 hrs but his body was not found until 0715. Co. Gara, 1st Engr. Bn. visited S-6 from 1045 to 1145. Two British Captains of the British 6th Queens Regt visited S-6 to improve British & American contact. They left at 1400 hrs. Blue 6 visited Red and White Bns. from 1300 to 1600 hours. At 1530 Capt. Washburn, 745th

Tank Bn., came to discuss plan for counterattack with bn. staff. He left at 1600 hrs. Capt. Oxford of "C" Co. 1st Engr. discussed improving road for Co. "L" with Bn Staff from 1500 to 1530 hrs. Col. Seitz visited Bn. at 1740 hrs. Left 1820 hrs. Casualties for the day: 1 KIA 1 WIA 10 to hospital. It is still cloudy with occasional showers.

June 21st - Our position remains defensive. There is very little activity other than exchange of artillery fire. We have had the following visitors in the Bn today: Col Seitz and Capt Kelley, Regt, at 1050. Capt. Washburn, 745th Tank Bn from 1500 to 1535 hrs. Col. Seitz with Col. Corley visited Co. "L" from 1100 to 1145. Col. Seitz and Capt. Kelley left bn. at 1245. At 1800 hrs. today we received our first copy of "American Traveler" dated June 20, 1944. The weather is still overcast and rainy. Casualties for the day 15 to hospital.

June 21st - Our position is unchanged. Lt. Haley and four (4) EM of Co. "I" made patrol at 0120 hrs and contacted a small enemy force. The patrol was fired on by either anti-tank guns or bazookas. Lt. Haley and two of his men were wounded. The two enlisted men were evacuated but the Lt. is still missing. At 0220 hrs. patrol under Lt. Eggebrecht contacted enemy. There were no casualties. Col. Nichols, commanding 745th Tank Bn. visited CP on recon for position for his unit to attack from in case of a counterattack. Col. Corley visited Co. "K" from 1020 to 1100 hrs. Gen. Wyman visited the Bn. from 1110 to 1205 hrs. Maj Crowley, Div. Camouflage Off. from1st Engrs. inspected our area for camouflage. Col. Corley visited Co. "L" from 1330

to 1400 hrs. Col. Seitz visited bn. from 1730 to 1820 hrs. Maj Crowley returned at 2100 hrs. reports camouflage in good condition. Left Bn. at 2130 hrs. The weather cleared at noon today and the afternoon is warm and sunny. Casualties for the day: 1 KIA 1 MIA 1 WIA 1 combat exhaustion.

June 23rd - There is no change in our tactical situation. The Bn. has had the following visitors today: Col. Seitz, 1400 to 1410 hrs. Capt. Washburn, 1500 to 1545 hrs. Lt Col Murdock, Capt Carney of 1st Bn. from 1900 to 1920 hrs. Major Doyle, SOS, 1935 to 2035. Co "L" and Co. "I" begin exchange of positions at 2230 hrs also Hq. Co. AT Platoon and Platoon of AT Company. It is a very nice day, clear and sunny. Casualties for today 5 malaria, 2 absent sick, 3 wounded in


June 24 th - Bn. position unchanged. Co. "I" and Co. "L" and the two AT Platoons have completed their move by ??3? hrs. Co. "L" is reorganizing co. in old "I" Co. position. Chaplin Andrews of 1st Bn. visited Bn. at 1045 left 1115. Co. Seitz, Regt S-6, visited Bn. from 1515 to 1600 hrs. Col. Seitz, Capt. Kelley visited CP from 2120 to 2145 hrs. Patrol led by Sgt. Gay of Co. "K" with three men checked out through "G" Co. outpost at 2345 and proceeded to cross 711 589 road. Men's voices and vehicles were heard across the road. The patrol worked it's way east along the trail and was fired on at cross road 713 589. They retraced their steps to 708 591 and proceeded east to cross road 716 593. Enemy outpost believed to be at 712 589 and 711 587. Lt. Brown was relieved of duties as S-1 and CO of Hq. Co. at 2400. Capt, Billings of Co. "L" is assigned to take over Lt. Brown's job. Capt. Chaplin is appointed CO for Co. "L". The weather is good again today: clear, sunny, and warm. For the day we had 3 cases of malaria, 1 man sick to hospital, 1 combat exhaustion, and 3 men wounded in action.

June 25th - Our position remains the same and we are still under artillery fire. At 0250 Red 6 called for artillery fire at 729 592. He believes there is a close enemy battery firing on his sector. Lt. Tosco, Co. "I", reported fire coming from right front at 0345 hrs. It is believed to be result of Red Patrol. Routine road patrol reports British alternating their companies. Small enemy patrol, reported by Lt. Fisher of Co. "I" and the British, worked between OPL & MRL at 0445. 2nd Platoon of Co. "I" has them under observation and will attempt to take them at daylight. Formations of "Forts" flying S. E. over our position at 0725 hrs. encountered heavy concentration of enemy ack ack. One, apparently hit, circled and turned back. Visitors in the Bn. today were Maj. Hafermaltz, Col. Seitz, and Capt. Kelley. Lt. Brown left the Bn. at 1030 hrs. having been transferred to regiment. Heavy shelling of enemy artillery suggest possibility that enemy has moved in more mobile artillery. The weather was clear this morning but has become cloudy and rainy this afternoon. Casualties for the day: 3 malaria, 3 sick to hosp., and 1 neurotic.

June 26th - Bn. remains in same defensive position. Artillery fire is still heavy. Information gathered from prisoner taken by Red Bn. reports 2nd Co., 304th Grenadier Regt. in front of Co. "A" are short gasoline and receive only one poor meal each day after dark. Motor patrol at 0500 hrs. report British 50th Regt. have advanced 3 miles and are on line with British 6th Queens Regt. Col. Seitz and Capt. Crawford visited the Bn. today. The weather is very cloudy and rainy. Men continue on work details to improve their position. Casualties for the day: 2 malaria and 3 wounded in action.

June 27th - Our position remains unchanged and we are still receiving considerable artillery fire. Lt. Huey of 1st Engr. reported laying of barbed wire completed at 0320 hrs. At 0500 routine road patrol reported all roads clear. Lt. Col. Hick, 2nd Bn. 16th Inf. along with Capt. Hall visited CP on familiarization recon of sector we are holding.

At 1430 hrs. Col. Seitz and Col. Learnard arrived in our area and went with Col. Corley to Co. "I" to observe direct fire on known targets (houses) at 722 581. They left the battalion at 1650 hrs. Capt. Kelley and Capt. Crawford visited C.P. from 2200 to 2230 hrs. We have had showers off and on all day and it has been cloudy. Casualties for today: 3 malaria and 6 men absent sick.'

June 28th - We are still in the same defensive position. Lt. Sampson of Co. "I" led a combat patrol through Co. "C" at 0105 hrs into field 72505945. Encountering mortar fire, patrol withdrew to road, moved east on road then went down hedgerow where they ran into barbed wire and sounded alarm. Flares went up and the patrol threw hand grenades and sent BAR thru on flank. This drew more fire. The patrol had Polish soldier call but received only more enemy fire an answer. Lt. Chauncy of Co. "M" was unable to contact his headquarters. At 0545 Capt. Small, British Survey Regt. called to inform us that he has a small outpost to the left of the hard road leading to Caumont which is part of a sound ranging outfit and wants to be kept posted on our tactical situation. He will have a lance corporal act as liaison for exchange of information. Col. Bryde and Major Greene, 33 FA, visited Bn. from 1030 to 1115 in regard to close unobserved fire for 155 mm rifles. Capt. Washburn with Lts. Breen and McClain of 745th Tank Battalion visited Blue 6 in regard to suitable position for 75mm assault gun platoon. At 1245 hrs Col. Seitz and Lt. Col. Learnard visited Bn. Col. Nye, IG Dept., visited the companies of our Bn and seemed well pleased to find morale of the men quite high. He left the Bn. at 1830 hrs. Col. Southerland, and Major Rippert also visited the Bn. today. At 2100 hrs. Capt. Davis of 1st Bn., British 6th Queens Regt. discussed S-2 activities with Lt. Reynolds. Fair weather continued but it is quite windy today. Casualties for the day: 5 malaria and 2 wounded in action.

June 29th - There is no change in our tactical situation. Lt. Revette, AT Co. reports his mission, to shell farm house believed to be enemy CP, complete. Used 9 rounds of HE and 3 rounds of incendiary. There was good coordination with smoke and no counter-battery fire. Visitors for today: Capt. Davis and Col. Mason, 1st Bn., Artillery. Col. Seitz and Lt. Col. Learnard at 1500 hrs. Col. Gara and Major Crowley, 1st Engr Bn, at 1600 hrs. At 2330 hrs. Lt. Matthews, Co. "I", left with combat patrol to capture enemy guns believed to be 75mm. We have had occasional showers today and it seems to be clearing this evening. Casualties for the day: 3 malaria and 2 men absent sick.

June 30th - Our defensive position is still static. Enemy artillery continues to shell our area though it is somewhat lighter than it has been for the last few days. Lt. Matthews patrol returned at 0300 hrs. Patrol got within 200 yds of position held by enemy from where they were able to see two guns and heard two others fire. These guns were definitely heavier than 75 mm. Lt. Matthews estimated the enemy much too strong for his patrol so they went no further. Their

mission was not accomplished. Col. Bryde of the 33rd FA reports four (4) M-8's going in as a battery of artillery at 70956130, tied into 33 FDC. 1000 rounds to be fired through 33rd FA OP's. Anti-aircraft 50 cal. machine guns are set up at road junction 70667172 and fire over Red

Bn. Col. Bryde, 33rd FA left Bn. at 1120 hrs. Visitors for the day: Maj. Barrington, 72nd Royal Arty. Capt. Davis, British 6th Queens Regt. Capt. Kelley and Col. Seitz of our regt. Col. Corley visited British from 1450 to 1625 hrs. At 1540 hrs. a patrol from Co. "I" reached a point at 730595 and was fired on by machine guns. Patrol leader was hit in the head and taken back by British. Fire seems to come from 730595. Blue 2 went 724594 at 1740 hrs and was fired on by 88mm from 733583. Saw two (2) men walking along hedgerow at 727591 at small house in rear of large farm house also 2 men in foxholes. He found single apron wire running approximately 725594 to 726594 at a 140 degree angle. A large air armada of British bombers flew over our position at 2200 hrs. There were 250 planes that released 1000 tons of bombs on Villers Bocage where enemy was massing for attack. We saw three planes hit, one disintegrating completely in the attack. Companies "K" and "I" are exchanging positions today. Three quarters of Co. "I" are in new position by 2400 hrs. The weather is clear again today and it is quite warm. Casualties for the day: 1 malaria, 1 wounded.

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