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11: April-June, 1945

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Apr 1 - The bn crossed IP in Banfe at 0630 hours, order of march L, K, M, Hq and I Co in reserve. L Co arrived at destination Ruthen at 1740 hrs, the assault co., covering a distance of 100 miles. The enemy was encountered at entrance of town by small arms and mortar fire. L Co proceeded to clear the center of the town and occupied the right flank, later moving out to Alten Kirchen, and I Co. occupied the left flank. M Co set up mortars and machine guns to support each co. The tank and TD's set-up a defensive position. Mission was to seize ground in and around Ruthen. Breakfast served at 0530 hours.

Casualties WIA-2 MIA-1 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Apr 2 - The bn organized and strengthened defensive positions. Prisoner and refugees were captured or detained. Refugees were sent to the Military Government, which was set up by Maj Kohout with the aid of Lt Korach. The Military government traced down possible German civilian suspects. Number of prisoners captured were 44. In extending positions I Co sustained WIA-2 from small arms fire also from I Co. MIA-2, a chow wagon was lost in the sector.

Apr 3 - Companies were set up in a defensive position. An enemy 12 man patrol attempted to enter town Alter Ruthen from Drewer, however the patrol was scattered by mortar fire. Later another force of 40-50 men attacked colored platoon from Drewer also engaged by these men. As a result one German officer Lt Col was killed and WIA were recovered. The remainder of the combat patrol dispersed. The other companies had a quiet day and spent the day improving positions. Casualties WIA-4 Prisoners EM- 14 Off-1 Weather Fair Morale Excellent. The div comdr Gen Andrus, and Inf comdr Gen Millikan, Major General visited the CP and later in the afternoon the Reg CO visited the CP. Three hot meals served.

Apr 4- The situation was quiet on all fronts of the bn. The companies altered and strengthened defensive positions. K Co established contact with Fox Co of Dextrous White. The 8th Armd Div moved in with K Co positions at 1100 hours to establish a stronger front. The acting 1st Sgt of Item Co Tech Sgt Trudell returned to his organization at 1600 hours after being captive of the Germans for 8 days, in which time he marched from Euderath to Berleburg. The 2nd Div captured the town of Berleburg and he was set free. The unit that captured the town returned him to the bn. 1 st Sgt Stewart of M Co was decorated with the Silver Star by Gen Andrus at Regt Hq. Three hot meals served. Casualties-0 Prisoners-30 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Apr 5 - The bn remained in defensive position. I Co sent out a patrol 150 yards to the front to sweep the woods. A few enemy stragglers were interned. Prisoners continue to enter bn area surrendering to OP. Three hot meals. Casualties-0 Weather Fair Morale Excellent Prisoners-13

Apr 6 - The bn in a defensive position securing the town of Ruthen. A group of 8 men were selected to go on the rotation furlough to U.S. Each letter Co were given a quota of two men. Those names submitted were to remain at CP until the next morning, when transportation was provided to evacuate them to the Regtl CP. A Jewish service was held at Dixie D at 1400 hours, all the Jewish boys who cared to attend were taken to this service at 1300 hours from the Bn CP. Three hot meals were served.

Casualties-0 Weather Showers Morale Excellent Prisoners 11 EM 1 Off

Apr 7 - The bn in a defensive position about Ruthen, with a well organized position. Number of prisoners interned 19 EM and l off. One prisoner was an American who was in Germany at the outbreak of the war. Later he was drafted into the German Army, and at the questioning he used every American slang term known. Casualties-0 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Apr 8 - The Bn was alerted to move from Ruthen to relieve an armored unit at Helmartschausen. The bn was moved out at 1630 hours from the position on to objective. The forward elements arrived at destination at 2400 hours. I Co , occupying Herstelle, L Co Karlshaven, and L Co, M Co, and Hq Co occupying Helmarshausen. The motor march to destination was 75 miles in length. Two hot meals served. Casualties-0 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Apr 9 - The bn took over the defensive positions of the Armd Units and the armor moved out. Communications were maintained by radios. The bn was alerted to move at 1730 hours and began moving at 1800 hours. The order of march L Co, K Co, M Co, Hq Co, and I Co. At midnight the bn was on the march. Three hot meals were served at supper C rations were issued. Casualties-0 Weather Very Fair Morale Excellent

Apr 10 - The bn arrived at Markoldendorf the objective at 1200 hours. Enroute L Co sent out patrols to scour woods preceding the town, but did not make any contacts with enemy. The distance to the objective was 38 miles. Upon arrival L Co occupied the left portion of town I Co right portion M Co the central sector closest to the CP, K Co moved on to a small town of Hehnstedt a distance of 2 miles on foot. The field train arrived some time later and a hot supper was served at 2100 hours. Casualties-0 Weather Fair Morale Excellent Prisoners 38 EM 2 Off.

Apr 11- The bn was alerted to move at 0800 hours and at 1000 hours crossed the IP. The bn arrived in assembly area at 1115 hours, a distance of 11 miles. Order of march I Co, K Co, M Co, Hq Co, and L Co. I Co sent out a combat patrol to scour woods left of assembly area capturing 40 prisoners making a total of 50 prisoners up to 1600 hours, at which time the bn was alerted again. Moving out at 1630 hours K Co took over the lead as I Co elements had not returned. The remainder of the bn moved out in the following order. L, M, Hq, and I Cos. The bn arrived at Baldenhausen at 2030 hrs, enroute 2 rounds of arty fell close to the route of march near our objective, but no casualties were sustained. Air cover was maintained by Ninth TAC. A distance of 38 miles was traveled enroute to objective. K Co occupied a position to the left of the town of Baldenhausen I Co in Windhausen, L Co right sector of the town of Baldenhausen. Supper at 2300 hours. Casualties-0 Weather Fair Morale Excellent Prisoner-0

Apr 12 - Two companies went into the attack K Co in the lead and L Co following in support at 1500 hours. They proceeded thru the woods in the vicinity of Clausthal and contacted the Red Bn at 1730 hrs encountering no opposition except SP fire. The following M Co, Hq Co, plus tanks and TD's assembled in Windhausen at 1630 hrs and chow was served at 1700 hrs. The bn assembled at check point 14 where transportation remained back. M Co. set up mortar positions plus Hq Co., tank and TD's. K Co. went into the assault at 2130 hours, K Co. and I Co. assault companies. Rear CP was set up in Clausthaler Silberhut. The combat continued throughout the night. Casualties-0 Weather Fair Morale Excellent Prisoners-0

Apr 13 - The situation permitted the transportation plus rear CP moved up to join the forward elements at 0630 hours, a distance of 5 miles, arriving at 0700 hrs. L Co. occupied right edge of town, K Co. left edge of town, I Co. covered our rear with M Co. in position to support any sector. Mortar and arty fire fell in and around positions. A patrol from I Co. was sent out to reconnoiter the enemy and was pinned down by machine gun fire. In the afternoon the activity was minute altho L Co. was expecting a counterattack.

Casualties-35 KIA-2 Prisoners-35 EM, 3 Off. Morale Excellent Weather Fair.

Apr 14 - The bn altered its defensive positions somewhat, as I Co. moved across to Red Bn positions and occupied them. Red bn then was relieved and moved out from Zellerfeld. The situation today has been quiet only a few prisoners turning themselves into the companies. Three hot meals. Casualties-0 Weather Fair Morale High Prisoners 15.

Apr 15 - The bn was in a defensive position most of the day. At 1430 hrs a billeting detail was alerted from each Co. with the exception of I Co. which was to remain in position. At 1500 hrs the billeting detail departed for Altenau and returned upon securing billets for the bn. At 1830 hrs the bn crossed the IP on the outskirts of Clausthal, order of march K Co. M Co., Hq Co., and L Co. moving up to the assembly area Altenau a distance of 7 miles, arriving at 1930 hrs. Chapel services both Cath & Prot were held at 1100 hrs. Three hot meals served.

Casualties Abs sk-2 Weather Cloudy Morale High

Apr 16 - This morning the bn had breakfast at 0500 hrs. At 0600 hrs K Co. moved across the IP at Altenau on a tactical march up to White Bn positions where troops detrucked, in support was M Co. plus tanks TD(634) and Red AT platoon. The attack was made in the direction of Braunlage as the troops moved thru White Bn positions. Later I Co. covered the left flank of K Co. As K approached checkpoint B1, they were pinned down by arty, mortar, and small arms fire. At this point L Co. moved out up to the positions to strengthen positions. The Red Bn took over I Co. positions and I Co. reorganized for another attack 400 yards in front of checkpoint Bl. Upon setting up forward positions wire communications were installed to an intermediate CP. The forward CP was attacked by Jerries, and a tank was committed and dispersed the enemy which approximated 40 men in number. Each man displayed his utmost intestinal fortitude in the following skirmish. The attack is still in progress on Braunlage a distance of 6 miles from IP. Casualties were light considering the entire situation. WIA-16 KIA-6 MIA-5 BI-2 Lt Daugherty MIA Weather Clear Morale Good Prisoners-6

Apr 17 - At 0900 hours K Co. continued the assault to Braunlage, M Co. and L Co . from Konigskrug-Whs. Upon arrival in town K Co. cleared central portion, L Co, cleared northern sector and I Co. southern sector. M Co. set up mortars in the center part of town, with MG sections with L and I Cos. The CP moved in town at 1400 hours after the situation had been cleared. Supper was served at 1800 hours. Mail at 1900 hours. Casualties WIA-5 EM, 1 Off Lt Kavm of M Co. KIA-3 Abs sk-2 BI-1 Morale-Good Prisoners-6. The number of prisoners taken were 1000 bed patients 350 walking patients. Braunlage proved to be a hospital town with many small wards in private homes. There were five Americans repatriated. Three from the 104th Div, and 2 from 1st Div., as follows 104th Lt Allen Fial NYC, S/Sgt Paul J. Schurpf, Tonnington Conn. Pvt R.S. Robertson Menlow Park, Calif, 1st Div. Lt Frank R. Hart Co G, Pvt John Kalpakoff Co G.

Apr 18 - The bn is set up in a defensive position in and around Braunlage. Several patrols were sent out to sweep the woods North of town. A number of prisoners were captured and the negro platoon was accredited with 50 prisoners. Altho the enemy has not been active it is believed there are more in the woods hiding out. Three hot meals served.

Casualties-0 Weather Cold Morale High

Apr 19 - At 0915 hours K Co. departed defensive zone of Braunlage and retraced their route thru Konigskrug and proceeded to 3000 yards SE where the mountain tops fan out beyond this point. They swept from the highway East to a distance of 3000 meters. In this skirmish I Co. captured a few prisoners, killed one, and wounded another. At 1300 hrs M Co., L Co., I Co., and Hq Co . less rear CP departed and arrived at the cleared areas which was used as an assembly area later. They took the 3 prominent terrain features to the North after removing trees from the road. L Co. moved out of assembly area (993564) with a mission of securing high ground (975584) which mission was accomplished at 1520 hours. I Co. moved from assembly area vicinity of (997585) Heinrichschohe without delay or casualties. L Co. proceeded to secure highest ground in Central Germany Brockenks Blf. on top of same is a sports Palace. L Co. proceeded on mission meanwhile I Co. ordered to sweep area up to SE slopes of peak until cleared. L Co. reported 100 yards North of objective at 1700 hrs. I Co. ordered to return to vicinity of Schierke where they entrucked for Braunlage, by the Bn C.O. L Co. still short by approx. 200 yards and very badly scattered with continued machine gun Ack-Ack and panzerfaust fire. By the time the Co. organized for the assault on the German fortress it was dark, and due to this condition it was impossible to make the attack. The tanks could not get to L Co. positions because the road was blocked with trees and other points were large craters which hampered travel, but by 2300 hrs the road was repaired and cleared then 2 tanks dispatched to L Co. Even when the tanks reached objective they fired at a point of resistance, the hotel, still it was unable to over-run the position. L Co. for security reasons was forced to withdraw to a jump off point for the remainder of the night.

Apr 20 - L Co. set in position waiting for the first rays of light at 0615 hrs. The tanks dispatched to aid L Co. were in the assembly area but could not leave because they were held up by enemy personnel firing burp guns, rifles, panzerfaust. The tanks requested that infantry be assigned to clear the area, and one platoon riflemen and one section of mortars given the mission. One platoon from L Co. came down the mountain approx. at 1130 hrs completed the task. The tanks climbed the hill and were in position to aid L Co. on the final assault. The enemy was strongly entrenched in the Palace pinnacle. One prisoner which previously had surrendered was sent back to the Germans with a white flag offering a truce to surrender at 1215 hrs. When the end of the truce period had been reached an assault was launched. Lt Korach plus 2 squads of K Co. 2 tanks assisted by elements of L Co. drew fire from Hotel. Lt Korach ordered the tanks to fire using AP, the building was riddled. Under cover they rushed the building gaining entrance. In a matter of a few minutes all the floors of the Fortress building were cleared. They captured 20 prisoners including 2 officers. At 1400 hours L Co. took over position and formed a solid defensive position. During this operation L Co. lost Lt Abele, Sgt Shepard and 3 other EM. Estimated enemy dead 25, WIA-10 total captured 60. After defensive positions were set up the remainder of the bn ordered to Braunlage to resume defensive position of that town.

Casualties WIA-10 KIA-8 Abs sk-3 Weather fair Morale Good

Apr 21 - At 0700 hrs K Co. moved from Braunlage to relieve L Co. which was on the mountain. By 1000 hrs K Co. was entirely relieved and rejoined the Bn at Braunlage at 1130 hrs. to resume defensive positions in the town. The donut girls from the Red Cross arrived this morning and gave out donuts, coffee and jive on a schedule for each co. It has been the first donuts we have received since Hurtegen forest. Three hot meals served.

Casualties-0 Morale High Weather Snow Prisoners-0.

Apr 22 - The bn is in a defensive position at Braunlage. At 1130 hrs a billeting detail was alerted to move, from each co., consisting of 1 off. and 3 EM, from Hq Co. 1 squad from A & P plat. plus 1 wire section and an interpreter. Men are cleaning equipment and clothing. Three hot meals. Casualties-0 Weather Snow Morale Excellent Prisoners-0

Apr 23 - At 1730 hrs K Co. was relieved from its position on the mountain by the 8th Armd. Due to the inclement weather the troops had difficulty in withdrawing from their position because of 5 inches of snow on the mountain. The bn was alerted to move, and awaiting further orders. Allotments of furloughs were submitted to the Cos. Hq-1 I-1 K-1 L-2 M-2.

Casualties-Abs sk-3 Weather Snow & Intermittent showers Morale High

Apr 24 - The bn remained in a defensive position up to 1500 hrs at which time K Co. crossed the IP in Braunlage, enroute to Wolferstadt followed by Hq, I Co, L Co, and M Co. The route of march was at first south out of Braunlage and then west from Nordhausen. As we departed for the now position the snow peak was visible for miles once an objective and now occupied by Americans. The journey was a net distance of 64 miles and a 4 hr march, arriving at destination at 1900 hrs. The kitchens and supply rooms were with each co. enroute and immediately upon arrival the billeting detail guided personnel to selected areas, and kitchens set up immediately upon arrival. The billeting detail guided personnel to molested areas and the kitchens immediately prepared a hot supper. Companies Hq, K, and M, set up in assembly area in the town of Wolferstadt while I & L Cos. set up in Winkle.

Weather-fair Morale High Casualties-0

Apr 25 - The bn rested today. All the troops spent time in cleaning clothing and equipment. Transportation was checked, cleaned and greased, minor repairs were made and those vehicles requiring major repairs were made at Service Co. During the afternoon the troops went to showers following a schedule designed by the adjutant. Men that were given a furlough to USA departed this morning at 0630 hrs, immediate destination Regtl Hq. 3 hot meals served. Casualties-0 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Apr 26 - The troops spent their time today engaging in sports, both outdoor and indoor. Transportation had an ordnance check today, vehicles were cleaned and greased for the inspection, paint applied to rust spots. In the afternoon a USO show was held in Allstedt and personnel departed from the Bn CP at 1330 hours. At 1400 hrs a billeting detail was alerted to move out early the next day at 0530 hrs. The bn to follow later in the day at 1300 hrs. Three excellent meals served. Casualties-0 Morale Excellent Weather Fair

Apr 27 - March into Czechoslovakia

The billeting detail departed for Asch at 0530 hrs, and arrived at Regtl Hq in order to assemble with the other bn billeting details. They departed from Regtl Hq at 0600 hrs. The troops had breakfast at 0700 hrs in order to facilitate matters for serving dinner at 0945 hours. At 1215 hrs the Bn departed from Wolferstadt, the order of march I-K-M-Hq and L Cos. Crossing the IP. I Co. and L Co. linked in with the convoy at Wolferstedt. At 1930 hrs the bn arrived at the destination Asch, Czechoslovakia, a distance of 128 miles. Troops were billeted upon their arrival in definite areas, upon the arrangement of the billeting detail. I Co. continued the march to the town of Newberg, setting up defensive positions. Security patrols were assigned to patrol the streets during the night. Casualties-0 Weather Intermittent showers Morale High

Apr 28 - The companies shifted positions in Asch to give a solid secure position. K Co. moved to the outskirts of town on the SE sector. L Co. moved to the outskirts on the SE sector. Later K Co. sent patrols out to Vernerov and Dalrouth and found the towns unoccupied. As a result of the patrol L Co. went to occupy Vernerov. Today I Co. received arty fire from the vicinity

of the woods to their front. Casualties-0 Weather Fair Morale Excellent

Apr 29 - This morning one platoon of L Co. reinforced went out on the assault and occupied Horruth. In the afternoon the remainder of L Co, plus tanks, and TD's went in to further reinforce their position. K Co. moved out to secure some high ground and to assault the town of Dolreuth. The Co. entered the town from the rear taking the enemy by surprise capturing 7 prisoners. At 2000 hrs K Co. moved from Dolreuth to assault Gurth. On the outskirts of town they drew small arms fire but no casualties, later occupying the town. Later moving out to successfully secure the crossroads on the other side of town. At 1440 hrs I Co. was on the ready line on the road to Krugsruth. At the entrance of town they drew sporadic small arms fire however at 1900 hrs they secured the town and set up defensive positions. At 1830 hrs Hq Co. moved from Asch to secure Dolreuth relieving K Co. arriving at 1900 hrs. Covering a distance of 2 & 1/2 miles. Casualties- WIA-1 (N) Weather Intermittent showers Morale Excellent

Apr 30 - Today L Co. assaulted the town of Ober Brambach, occupied it and set up defensive positions. K Co. sent out a patrol to Raum to reconnoiter the town, and later the entire Co. moved out from Gurth to assault Raum. After a short fire fight they secured the town and immediately set up defensive positions. I Co. remained in the town of Krugsreuth, M Co. moved from Asch to Dolreuth.

Weather- Intermittent showers. Prisoners-10 including 3 officers. Casualties- BI2.

May 1 - At 0800 hrs the Blue 3, Capt Stevens visited the Co. CP's to review the tactical situation, This morning L Co. extended its left flank a distance of 1000 yards to further secure its position at Ober Brambach. At 1000 hrs I Co. swept over hill 681 adjacent Raum, clearing out the woods also moving due east from the railroad tracks, securing its position. At 1300 hrs L Co. contacted K Co. from the Northern edge of the woods. At 1200 hrs a platoon from K Co. swept up along hill 683 and swept woods to a contact point due East from railroad tracks, and made contact at 1400 hrs. The bn was in position at 1600 hrs. Hq Co. moved into Krugsreuth at 0930 hrs from Dolreuth a distance of 3 miles. I Co. assembled two platoons on the outskirts of Krugsreuth upon the arrival of Hq Co. At K Co's position yesterday 6 rounds of arty fell in and around causing no casualties. L Co. sent out a patrol to the front at 1100 hrs and when they were sweeping the woods back to the area they were ambushed, as a result 2 were killed and 1 wounded. They were pinned down until 1300 hrs when they were relieved by a squad from their co. The platoon did not gain contact with the enemy to the East of this position, on the neighboring high terrain. We called for arty on several targets. The liaison cub was given a mission to search for a German CP somewhere in the vicinity of Landwust. We now have L & K Cos. in Germany while I, Hq and part of M Co. are in Czechoslovakia.

Casualties KIA-2, WIA-1, Abs sk-1 SIW-1 Weather Showers Morale Good

May 2 - The bn remained in the same position today, and the Cos were building stronger defensive positions. Three rounds of arty fell in on K Co. positions today causing no casualties or damage. As a recreation program was scheduled, there were 2 shows at Asch thru Special Service. Casualties Abs sk- 1 Weather Showers Morale Excellent

May 3 - The bn remained in the defensive position. Administration work is being carried on extensively clearing decorations and awards thru channels. An officers' PX has been established whereby one off. from the bn makes the purchases for all officers, along with the ration books allotted, to each officer. Entertainment was provided today by Special Service at Asch, where there were two shows, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

Casualties Abs sk-1 Weather Showers Morale Excellent

May 4 - The bn remained in its fortified defensive position. The enemy put 8 rounds of arty in K Co. area causing no damages or casualties. Lt Byerly was selected as bn PX officer to make the purchases for the officers desiring merchandise from the PX. A Laundry service was established and I Co. had their clothes laundered. The men were well satisfied with the service.

Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Fair Morale Excellent.

May 5 - At 1530 hrs the bn was alerted to send out a reconnaissance patrol to the front in the vicinity of Rohnbach, Henneback and Nunnknok. The mission was to contact and estimate their force. At 1700 hrs Lt Mosias and his platoon reported that they made no contact nor did they observe the enemy anywhere. The attack order arrived at 1830 hrs. A USO show was given at Bad Elsen by Belgian talent. Casualties Abs sk-3 Weather Rain Morale Excellent

May 6th - At 0500 hrs the bn made a dawn attack with K Co. on the left and I Co on the right. K Co assaulted due East of Raun and I Co assaulting due East from Oberbrambach. At 0550 hrs M Co fired mortars into Rurbach f rom Oberbrambach to scatter the enemy. Both I Co and K Co begin the assault march upon the completion of fire and the enemy was scattered upon arriving at Rurbach and 23 prisoners were interned without a fire fight. K Co advanced along the same route of approach. I Co carried on to Shongrub arriving at 1100 hrs, along the march they were in contact with C Co of the 16th Inf. K Co. overran Voekou and altered its route of march to azimuth NE and were ready for the attack on Schonbach but awaited tanks to reach their position at the road intersection. At 1500 hrs after A&P pltn. cleared the road of mines, the assault began on Schonbach. Prior to the attack on Schonbach I Co ran into the only organized resistance all day at 1500 yds east of Shongrub. It was stubborn resistance set up by the enemy personnel as a result 12 prisoners were taken 2 killed, 2 wounded and also 2 civilians wounded. The tanks opened fire on the buildings used as strong points by the enemy. No casualties sustained in this skirmish. After this resistance was cleared K Co assaulted Schonbach and the town was half cleared they met friendly troops from C Co 26th Inf. The town was cleaned immediately and K Co went to secure Ashborth quickly securing in and all surrounding high ground. Defensive positions were organized and strong points fortified. I Co now to the SE took Brenndorf without trouble and moved further east to North Kostel and assembled defensive positions South and East, reinforced by one pltn of MG's one section of 81 mortars, 2 tanks and Regt. AT. L Co ordered to fill the gap between K and I Co's a distance of 4000 yds, securing high ground and a series of strongpoints at Oldrischof. L Co reinforced by one pltn of TD's, one tank. K Co reinforced by one pltn of MG's, section of 81 mortars, 2 tanks, and bn. AT pltn. The bn. occupied over 12,000 yds in the assault but fell short of Reg. objective due to bad weather and mostly rugged terrain. The troops were squared away at 1000 hrs forming a solid organized defensive. Cas: BI-2 one man while arresting a rifle from a jerry out his hand. Weather rain Morale Excellent

May 7th - The bn. in an organized defensive position, received no fire from small arms, mortars, or artillery. The troops are relaxing after a difficult hike up to the present position. Chow was at 0500 in lieu of another objective. The assault began at 0600 hrs, towards the objective but at 0730 hrs they were recalled by Major Nations on orders from Higher Hq. The bn. organized in its former position and remained there. The field train moved from Schonbach about 1100 hrs and dinner was served at 1330 hrs supper at 0600 hrs. Cas: accidental wound 1 Pvt Holpp was injured when a bullet in a trash pile which he was burning went off injuring him in lower left leg.

Morale excellent.

May 8th - The bn in a defensive position. German troops were surrendering by convoys and taken immediately to the Reg PW cage where they were interned. Two German airplanes surrendered making a landing on the outskirts of town. The band gave a concert at 1300 hrs, a film was showed at 1500 hrs and 1900 hrs, and church services at 1700 hrs. A Regt'l formation was held in the square of the town and two old soldiers at least from each company attended. At

this formation the Regt. CO gave a speech retrogressing on the past history from the initial

amphibious landing at Oran to the present VE day May 9th. Taps were sounded for those who parted from our midst. The formation closed at 1700 hrs with the playing of the Beer barrel Polka. Cas: 0 Morale -- excellent Weather -- fair.

May 9th - Companies are in a defensive position. Prisoners continued to flow through L Co area, yesterday it was estimated at over 3000 prisoners were interned. The attch'd units withdrew to their parent unit. The bn was allotted 5 men to go on furlough and the break down was 1 per company. The entertainment was the band playing twice during the day at 0330 hrs and at 1930 hrs, respectively. The movie was held at 1430 hrs and another at 1930 hrs. Cas: Acc. wound- 3 ab sk 1. Weather fair Morale excellent. Prisoners interned from 397th Inf Div

10 May - The bn remained in a defensive position. Today German prisoners continued to flow through our area from Army Hq, Corp Hq's Div Hq and hosp. personnel and patients. Today was payday for the EM. Lt Magdeburg and Lt Meyer paying I and K Co's respectively. The band played, movies were shown on a regular schedule. The AP pltn were detailed to give water to the prisoners at 2030 hrs. The anti-tank pltn rejoined Hq Co.

Cas: NONE, Morale excellent. Weather fair.

May 11th - Forward elements of the bn. moved out sweeping cross country on the Grossengrug-Kroslice highway. The companies jumped off at 0800 hrs from the MLR and arrived on objective. During the assault enemy soldiers were diverted to the rear. The companies closed their positions at 1400 hrs after an uneventful day and at 1700 hrs a defensive arc was set up and fortified. At 1800 hrs an order was given no more civilians or soldiers were permitted to pass through our lines, but diverted to Hzortin. The entire march covered 10,000 yds.

Cas: Morale excellent Weather fair.

12 May - The bn remained in the defensive position today. Routine guard controlling traffic across the river, permitting no refugees to flow between the lines. The Regt commander visited the bn. CP at 1400 hrs. The bn is stable and well deployed for any opposition that might arise.

13 May - At 0945 hrs the bn attended a movie produced by the Chief of Staff Gen Marshall concerning a man's points for the redeployment into segregated groups one going to CBI theater of operations, the other as an Army of Occupation, and another to return to the US to be segregated into groups essential and nonessential. There were Protestant Services held at 1500 hrs and Catholic mass at 100 hrs. The Red Cross girls gave out donuts and coffee to each company and the adjutant commandered the girls about the bn.

Cas: 0 Morale excellent Weather fair.

14 May - The bn remained in the defensive position today. The men to go on furlough were apportioned Hq-7, M-6, I & L-4, K-6. The breakdown was based on the number of men who were eligible for discharge under the redeployment plan. Those having a critical points rating very high to the lesser scores were selected. There were 2 movies at M Co area at 1500 hrs and 1900 hrs. Showers were available to the troops on a time schedule. Cas: abs sk 2 NBI-1. Critical pts for redeployment were determined early this morning by the personnel clerks.

15 May - The bn remained in the defensive position today. The troops are cleaning equipment and washing clothes, also taking showers. The men leaving on furlough were to report at the Bn. CP at 1830 hrs. After assembling the men in front of the CP Lt Col Corley awarded individuals Bronze Stars who were citated for same at 2000 hrs. After the formation the men returned to Schonbach where they slept. Normal guards were posted at road blocks, various CP's and gun positions. Shows were performed twice. Cas: 0 Morale excellent Weather fair.

16 May - The bn. remained in the defensive position. Physical profile cards were completed by the pltn leaders and pltn sgts. signed by the Co CO upon his approval. An officers roster was submitted by date of rank and position within the company. Upon receiving these rosters a single roster was compiled by the Sgt Major T/Sgt Usner. A USO show was held at Schonbach at 1500 hrs. An indefinite allotment of men were able to attend this show and transportation was provided. Cas ab sk 1, Weather fair Morale excellent.

17 May - The kitchens and supply rooms are with the Co's and the S-4 has moved his office close to M Co CP. The troops were cleaning equipment, washing clothes. Chapel services were held at 1600 hrs by Chap. Byrnes who rendered mass at that time. 2 shows were held at the bn theater at M Co. A list of names were submitted to bn of those who were next in line to return to US on the redeployment plan. Cas: 0 Weather fair Morale excellent.

18 May - This morning companies were following their drill schedule for the morning. The ratio for those to return to US on redeployment Hq-3 I-1, K-2, L-2, and M-3 from Regt'l Hq. A Co Comdrs meeting was held at 1500 hrs at M Co. Area concerning points to follow during our stay in the present position. A rifle inspection was held before chow at 1700 hrs. Two shows were performed at the Bn theater. Cas: 0 Weather fair

19 May - The bn followed the drill schedule this morning and were given the afternoon off. S/Sgt Penn came to the CP this morning to determine the officers interim points. A program for showers was prescribed and carried thru. The officers had a stag party at 1900 hrs. Lt Legow visited the Bn from SHAEF Hq. He was formerly the adjutant of this organization.

Cas: abs sk 2 Weather - intermittent showers. Morale excellent

20 May - A Bn Com'drs meeting was held at Regt at 100 hrs. Church service was conducted, Catholic mass at 1100 hrs in L Co area and Protestant services at 1400 hrs in M Co area. There were two shows at Bn theater. A training schedule was drafted by Capt Stevens with a special interest toward weapons. Cas: abs sk 1 Weather fair Morale excellent

21 May - The bn followed the drill schedule on a 50% basis, 50% of the company drilling the morning and the remainder in the afternoon. This policy has been adopted in lieu of our defensive position. Two shows were given at the Bn theater and the picture Winged Victory. The regt CO Lt Col Murdoch visited the CP at 1400 hrs. Those men to return to US on the redeployment were alerted. Cas abs sk 5 Weather intermittent showers Morale excellent

22 may - The bn followed the drill schedule this morning and afternoon. Those men selected to depart from the bn mounted trucks at 0515 hrs destination Reg Hq. Major Kelly visited the CP from Div I&E dept. Two shows were given at the Bn Theater at M Co, the picture My Pal Wolf. A roster of officers luggage and personal effects was compiled. Many decorations were submitted for approval of and a record made of each. T/Sgt Dobel was selected out of the Bn for a Russian award, because of his outstanding record in the past. This recommendation was made by Lt Col Corley. Cas: abs sk 3 Weather showers Morale excellent

May 23 - The usual camp duties were followed. Vehicles are being cleaned, greased, and painted for the inspection which is due may 26th. two shows were performed at bn theater.

Cas: abs sk 1. Weather intermittent showers Morale excellent

24 May - Rainy day schedule was followed because of inclimate weather. Troops were instructed about weapons, radio, & demolition. Cleaning of vehicles was suspended also, in preparation for painting. Shows were performed twice at the bn theater. Another quota was allotted for redeployment within the bn I Co-2 K-4, L-3, M-4 and Hq-4. A roster was compiled

at the CP of those men returning and submitted to Higher Hq.

Cas: abs sk 0 Weather showers Morale excellent.

May 25 - The companies followed the normal camp duties. The steel helmets were sprayed and the division insignia was stenciled thru-out the bn. All vehicles were cleaned and are ready for painting pending the quantity of paint which will be allotted for the job. There were two shows at the bn theater. Cas: 0 Weather intermittent showers Morale excellent

26 May - The Co's followed the usual camp duties. The training schedule was adhered to. The men who were selected for redeployment were brought to Reg Hq to sign form 32's. Shortages in the bn were filled by supply rooms of each company, making the men up to TE in some items of clothing. Cas: abs sk 3 Weather fair Morale excellent

27 May - The Sunday schedule was followed, breakfast of 0800 hrs. Catholic mass at 1000 hrs and Protestant services at 1400 hrs. The Red Cross donut girls visited the letter Co's omitting Hq Co because of the lack of time. There were two shows at the Bn theater on Dancing on Broadway one at 1500 hrs and the other at 1900 hrs. The men who were selected for redeployment were brought to the bn CP awaiting trans. early on the 28th of May.

Cas: ab sk 4 Weather fair Morale excellent

28 May - The usual camp duties were followed thru. In the afternoon there was an ordnance inspection of individual arms. The men for redeployment departed at 0245 hrs for Regt Hq.

There were two showings at the Bn theater. Another quota for redeployment was submitted to this CP from Reg Hq. Cas: ab sk 4 Weather fair Morale excellent

29 May - The Co's followed normal camp duties. The afternoon schedule was composed of the Lecture 2 Down and 1 To Go. Men in selected categories were giver an opportunity to express themselves just as though it were an open forum. There were two showings at the bn theater. Trans. was requested for our next move. 40 trucks were required to move the entire bn. including kitchens and supply rooms. Cas: ab sk 1 Weather fair Morale high.

30 May - Memorial day services were held at Schonbach with Chaplain Byrnes officiating and another service at Bleistadt for Protestant enlisted men and officers with Capt. Burke officiating. Trucks were provided for both Memorial Services by Service Co. The Co's followed routine camp duties and training schedule. The afternoon program consisted of checking clothing at a showdown inspection at which time shortages were taken and Form 32's were properly filled in with the amount of equipment each man had in his possession. There were 2 showings at the Bn Theater. Cas: ab sk 1 Weather fair Morale excellent.

31 May - Due to inclimate weather the bn followed the rainy day schedule which is a series of indoor lectures on weapons also crew served weapons. There were 2 shows at the Bn theater. Cas: ab sk 3 Weather rain.

1 June - The bn had practice parades within Co areas, until each Co C.O. felt his troops appeared well. The parade which was originally scheduled for 1500 hrs was advanced one hr and the formation was called for at 1400 hrs. The Co's marched on the parade ground, and by the colors at 1400 hrs. the men to be decorated were given their awards and decorations by the Reg. C.O. Lt Col Murdoch. Only one show in the evening at Bn Theater. A jeep accident occurred outside Hof, when one of M Co's vehicles swerved off the road. Cas: ab sk 0 Weather fair Morale ex.

2 June - The usual camp duties were adhered to, and an inspection of vehicles. A rifle inspection was given by each company at 1130 hrs. Afternoon was given off.

Cas: ab sk 1 Weather rain Morale excellent.

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